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Sixty games of safelane carry: sept-er edition

I'm running out of low-quality puns for the numbers now.


Basically all I wanted to do was counter PA as best as possible. I think I had relatively low impact, but I feel like the hero I picked was functional. There was a tiny part of me that wanted to go Wraith King, but after I saw the Medusa pick I thought "we do not want this to go late" and I thought Bloodseeker was an appropriate hero for relatively early pressure on lanes and PA in particular. I didn't get pressured especially hard in the early game, and the Shaman rotation around 8 or 9 minutes was kinda… I don't know, I appreciate the intent, but Warlock was almost perma-pulling and I don't think there's much to be gained from killing the Tide here. I didn't have damage really early on, but I guess we wasted a Tide ulti?

I rotated to the bottom lane and just farmed a few waves, and had enough gold for Sacred Relic – I thought Radiance was good, since I'd be being pretty much frontline. Leshrac can build into being a tanky hero but really needs items to do so, and we didn't have an "initiator" in the traditional, Centaur/Sand King/Tide kind of way, so I thought Aghs and Radiance was like a "deal damage even if you're getting kited" kind of itemisation.

Anyways, I didn't play particularly well, the Invoker got a lot done, the Leshrac was pretty good and the Warlock managed to not die for the entire game, which I think says a lot about how well they positioned most of the time. I didn't want to think too much about the typical 1-position KDA going 15/1/20 or some ridiculous stats: what was important to me was "get up in their face, make them feel a dilemma between wanting to farm and defending towers, and force them to react to our decisions". I did call the first rosh which I think was really important once the PA died in their triangle <4 were dead and I thought it was a prime time to rosh> the Invoker took it which is … okay, fine, but now I'm Bloodseeker with Aghs and Radiance with only 1 life trying to be the frontliner in a highground push. I didn't particularly like that, but… whatever.

Anyways, it ended up being a win and I don't think it was especially anything that I did in an "outplay" sense. A couple times I just doubled up my Rupture on the same target because the first one was expiring and I was about to die, so I thought if I'm dead for 60 seconds, I might as well throw out the second Rupture while I'm at it. Anyways, commended everyone but the Shaman, happy with the result, that's 4 out of 5 safelane games won so far. I'm definitely pleased with the outcomes so far, but I don't think I'm playing like I'm better than the rank I'm at.

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It's time to get another vodka and play one more game . Yes, I really do drink vodka and play Dotka. Now with low-sugar mixers so I'm trim and lean.

I have been playing a few offlane/support unranked games, primarily as Venomancer, and I have to say that I kind of understand where BSJ comes from in his offlane Veno video about just not dying in the early game, and wearing the enemy team down. If they don't have a lot of regen, can get on top of you easily, and they don't have natural healing abilities in their kit, they're gonna have a bad time. So I've been just throwing out Plague Wards and generally being a douchebag most games, and it's worked out quite well.

On that note, I really want to play a Venomancer safelane, I don't know how that's going to work, but I just want to.

Alright, that was a lot of rambling.


I saw Wraith King, Bounty Hunter, Viper and Rubick and I thought… this has to be a Naga game. Not a huge amount of magical damage, and then the last-pick CK was like… who gives a shit? I didn't micro my illusions particularly well, I was kinda bad all-round as a player, but I think the hero pick kind of made the game hard to lose. I had Ana moments of "I don't know what the fuck's going on – I can't even see my hero" but I hit creeps , then I hit jungle creeps, and basically CK didn't push me super hard out of lane, although if pressed, I'd say we "lost" the lane.

I think I should've got Aghs before I went back for Radiance. In fact, I think the Radiance was just kinda bad, as they had multiple BKBs and an Aghs would've been sooo good. Anyways, it was a won game: that's five out of six ranked games in the last few days won. Pretty happy with the result.

I should note that I received a free coaching session from /u/ScJo and he was really helpful. Overall we stomped the game that he analysed, but he gave me a decent run-through of a few players' perspectives in the game, and conceptually trying to change the way I think about DotA. What I took from it mainly was how to think about starting items, what your role is in the lane, post-laning phase in a couple of different positions.

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Probably the most helpful and informative part for me in the session was where we talked about conceptual matchups and heroes you'd like to pick – or not like to pick – in certain circumstances. Also we talked about how you might itemise in these kinds of matchups: this sort of stuff is super interesting to me because I really love learning and thinking about the game in a way that I wouldn't previously have done, and the only way I've found to do that is to talk to other players about the game. BSJ did a video with a guy a while back that was … I think about Guardian level and offlane? From a northern European country from the sound of his accent, but they talked at length about hero matchups and how you might itemise in those kind of games. This kind of discussion is super good, because you get to theorycraft and get opinions about the game you might never have considered. Going back to the Naga game, it felt like it was pretty straightforward: two Wraith Bands, Treads, Diffusal Manta , then Heart, Butterfly. Again, with something like 3 BKBs on the enemy team, I should've bought Aghs instead of Radiance, but I think overall it was fine. It probably caused a support death or two more than it should have, but hey… you live you learn. So, two games down from where I started, and I had previously fallen to about Crusader IV, and won five of my last six: pretty happy with the result so far.

Anyways, on to the next game.


I last-picked Wraith King and I thought given the CM and Disruptor ultis being kind of "one-and-done"s, that Wraith King's second life would really help.

This hero is busted as fuck in my opinion, he just feels like he has the cruisiest laning stage if you're not absolutely smashing him, he can last-hit so easily. I had… something around 60 last-hits at 10 minutes, and I'm dogshit at DotA. 17-minute Radiance, into AC, into BKB, we went rosh and just ended the game. Fair play to my team though, the Skywrath Mage played really well. They all did, really. I just farmed creeps and tried not to die.

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That's now seven safe-lane carry games, and six wins. I thought the only loss so far was mostly down to a shitty pick of a Phantom Lancer against pretty high levels of magical damage and silence. I died once in that Wraith King game, and I feel like that was a silly decision that made that happen. I was still fighting when my team had 3 dead and my 5-position Mirana bailing out already. If I'd checked the situation before jumping back in, I wouldn't have died. Sad times. But we won, so it's fine. Try not to make those mistakes as often, me.

That said, really happy with the last few games.

I also wanted to reference the unranked games I've been playing as Venomancer. BSJ was talking about offlane Veno in one of his videos, and just how much control you can take of the game when you don't die in the laning phase. Keeping deaths to a minimum and just being a pain in the ass with Plague Wards, defending towers and being pretty annoying… this hero feels really good at my level of play.

Anyways, that's this edition done for a while, not so many games, but it's been a fun ride so far.


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