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So I coached 50 people in 2 weeks. Here’s what I found out

Content of the article: "So I coached 50 people in 2 weeks. Here’s what I found out"

Generally, I coach for a couple of years now. But, I did a post on a single coaching session and over 60-70 applied for that. Sadly, for obvious reasons, I couldn't help all of you but I am going to point out the things that I noticed. That includes concepts, ideas, and behaviors that hold players back.
So the people's rank that got coached was all over the place from 1200 to 6200 but these are the things people had in common

1) They have no idea about laning phase. No idea what's going to happen, who's favorable, who you would like to focus, what's the lane dynamic, heroes power speak, if you want to fight for the lane or dodge trading by pulling, side pulling, lane cutting, etc
Example: Position 5 Dazzle, that focused on pulling in the laning phase. When I asked why he chose to do that he said because the Youtube Content (I would prefer not to mention which one) said that supports should pull.
Dazzle. Dazzle. At this very moment, I can't even believe I type this. A position 5 with a level 1 power spike prioritizes PULLING. This is not a post to go into details why dazzle should focus on harassing and not pulling (ofc exceptions bere always made) but if you happen to have the same beliefs then your game understanding, lanewise, is quite poor and you should start working on that before you do anything else.

2) "hahaha that was stupid". "hahaha, I fucked up there". It's the type of player that they think they are 3k MMR above than they are and it's the team that holds them back. They accept no criticism, even though they apply for coaching sessions, they believe they just do occasionally misplays but nothing that's game losing.
If you are this type of players that you feel that your team holds you back from gaining MMR the last 2 years and you are stack at archon/ancient or w/e then you need to take a step back, drop your ego and start listening to better, more experienced players that understand the game in more depth. Get a mentor and listen to him. I am sorry to be the one that has to say that, but you know nothing. I have to go hard on you since you don't go hard on your self. +-500 MMR, you are where you are. MMR never lies

3) People seem to miss the fundamental aspect of each role.

Example: Immortal player over 6k MMR had BM offlane. His laning had some work but overall he did play great (he showed me a replay from an amateur game). One of his plays was that he tried to defend the T1 on the safelane.
The offlane role in the middlegame, fundamentally, is the role that is going to enable the Win Condition. While in fact, an Underlord would make sense to do that play, a BM can find way more creative ways to enable the win condition than defending the most useless objective in the game.

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4) Picking wrong.

While in fact, the meta does not really affect anything below 6-7k, there are some heroes that are stronger than other from patches to patches and there are heroes that are suitable certain position, just like my beloved CM on the pos 5 role.
Example: Ogre is not a position 4. Undying is not a position 4. CM is not a position 1. I will not elaborate on the reasons why things are how they are since I have done that in other articles, but if you are the type of player that picks these kinds of heroes in these positions because X, Y, Z reason then fundamentally you don't understand why a hero is best suitable for a lane and you should focus on that

5) Last. People believe that there are "tips and tricks" to gain MMR. Like an MMR pill that is going to boost you to 2k MMR more.
People wake up
Most of the players struggle on fundamentals, they are unaware of where to place me, who to focus, who they are strong against, who I should itemize against, etc.
People were asking questions after my sessions like "Any advise on Lina vs Arc Warden?"
No, there is not advice, there is no hidden secret that will boost your MMR. Improve your thought process, understand the midlane mechanics, understand what Lina does and what Arc lacks and you will find the solution. This very simple question sickens me.

Fundamentals. I am so sick of saying that over and over again.
A guy told me he should have 25cs at 5minutes in the lane which is correct.
The matchup was Kotol PL vs LC SM. I told him, that you are lucky if you have 20. You can't have false expectations because Youtube told you so. My suggestion to everyone that reads this is to filter ANYTHING, you receive. That includes this very post.

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Truth be told it will take a while since I will try to strain something similar. Multiple high ego players coming over, and then bombarding a thousand questions, after the limited amount of time I could spend on each one individually, surpasses my will to help. I don't need to be an ass, but if you don't pay for something, you can't have the expectation to answer 25 questions a week after our 40min session.

Back to the post. I would like to close with that. Take a close look at what I told you. Focus on the very basics. Focus on understanding your place in the game, to the map and your items. Focus on understanding lane dynamics rather than "stack and pull". It's more about why you should do it, so you can apply it to every game.

If anybody would like to assist on that very topic, contact me. I would be more than happy to help you.

Good Luck


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