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Some Interesting Menes and Anecdotes on Team PSG.LGD

Yesterday I saw some comments on the Chinese team and players feels too distant from the rest of the world and Chinese players being almost emotionless. As a Chinese dota players who's been paying attention to both western and eastern dota scenes, I don't think that's the case. This is largely due to the culture and geographical distance that we have and I really felt obliged to tell you guys some of the interesting memes and anecdotes on Chinese teams and players, starting from PSG.LGD. *This post will be updated later this day as I need to focus on my work at the moment.

The current in-game ID for player Ame, “萧瑟”, which is from ancient Chinese poems, indicates the sound of wind going through tree leaves, especially in autumn. It is used to represent the chilliness and depression one feels in a season of loneliness. This ID was first seen after TI9, old PSG.LGD's second failed attempt in claiming the aegis.

Player Ame is often referred to as "the idiot king" , because his first name "淳煜" shares the same pronunciation with idiot fish in Chinese, and his last name "王", has a meaning of "King", thus the title "the idiot king". Another thing contributing to this name is his calm and introvert personality in front of the public. In pub games, streams, he barely speaks anything and just plays dota, with occasional coughs which is described by the chat as the dragon's cough(dragon is the symbol of emperor's rule and his absolute supremacy). If anyone managed to have Ame speak a word in pub games, chat would spam "medical miracle" for Ame's mute nature somehow disappeared.

Player Ame has been known for his incredibly fast farming speed. Whenever he has a bad start and 15 minutes later somehow managed get to the top of the networth chart, chat would call this "making money out of the crotch", which basically means making money out of nowhere, a compliment for his excellent, sometimes ridiculous farming skills. Ame haters would spam "Atme" if he get caught when farming because he gives money back to his enemy like an ATM machine.

Ame fans in China would use the word "扣" if Ame carries and win the game. This word describes the action involved in female masturbation (in a way that is not offensive to female) and is only used to show fan's excitement seeing such excellent performances from Ame. And sometimes, if Ame's carry continues, chat would spam that they are "dehydrated" because they "扣" so hard that they run out of water down there(again it's only a joke) so they need to get some water.

The current PSG.LGD is often joked as a weeb team for the fact that there's a bunch of anime lovers in them, with Ame, y, and XinQ being the most prominent. Famous Chinese Vtuber A-soul even cheered for PSG.LGD before their departure for TI10.

New updates: One of Ame's high school classmates shared her experience with Ame. He was pursued by a lot of girls during that time for his extremely attractive looking. Also, Ame scored an insane 140+ out of 160(top 1% by my rough estimation) in College Entrance Examination in Jiangsu Province, which is a region notoriously famous for its high difficulty in math exams. However, his Chinese and English grades were so poor that his composition was described as "written by someone in primary school" by his Chinese teacher.

*Hey guys, thank you so much for your appreciation, I have to work for now and more stories will be told for the rest of LGD crew as well as star players from the old rooster. Again, thank you for your support.


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