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Some matches provide an extraordinary felling

Recently I had one of my most ridiculous matches I've ever had, which I'd like to share with you.

There are matches were you know, this is why I play Dota.

Communication, Teamplay, coordination. All in all, a great feeling of Teamplay.

And then there are matches, where you just stand there, with a mix of disgust and some cruel interest, what's coming next, where it seems, that your mates, lack the most basic human skills.


Earthquaker, vengeful spirit, keeper of light, techies, storm on the enemy team

And: Medusa, Naga, ogre, me as phantom lancer and dragon Knight.

As my team chose mostly Illusionen heroes, or heroes who get manta, I thought it would be fun, coming with an illusion army all in all, so I chose pl other reason was, that the enemy's extremely relay on mana, so Naga+me + 2x diffusal would deal with them.

Another thing I considered was techies, as it would be easy to kite his mines, with all illusions from Naga, me. But I was wrong.

Same for Naga and medusa ulti.

Nobody wanted mid, so I switched from safe, to mid, before the game started, which I thought would be ok Vs storm.

All went extremely well until min 15. I got 8 kills and stomped storm to the ground. Thinking this match was already over, as I got treads and diffusal extremely fast.

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Then things change. Top tower fell, as top heroes (medusa+dragon) siwtched to bot lane.

And then the feeding begun. They just went straight to bot camps, dying like flies from techies mines. Over and over, it was ridiculous to watch.

They would dive under the tower or choose to go bot camp alone, no wards and all you would hear was "boom" "zip from storm"

Most extraordinary move were Teamfights 5vs5, were medusa stone gazes all enemy's, as they won't run, while Naga would activate song, 2seconds later, which would disable our whole killing potential and would anhilate our whole team, multiple times.

It was ridiculous to watch: medusa activate ulti. You think, great move, now they all will all go down like flies. Bu then out of nothing Naga would activate her ulti, skcattering medusas ulti useless, as our whole team damage drop too zero.

Coming back to the first thought of easy mone kiting…

I thought it would be normal, scouting territory with illusions, for mine detection. I was wrong. Naga would use her illusions to… Do nothing.

Some time later, bot tower fall, and enemy team got upper hand on our ancient camp/ territory.

So instead of sending illusions for scouting, Naga and medusa would go straight up there, dying like 5 times in a raw.

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It was like a car crash to watch. You just couldn't stop watching, with a mixed feelings of shame and disgust for yourself.

Fast forward, keeper of light got fed, and instead of going bkb against all this magic or just don't fight in his stun circle, my team would happily jump in there, getting anahilated.

After min 35, Naga got her manta. So she hat treads and manta as items.

After min 25, I was sure we would lose. No diffusal on Naga, which would have made a huge difference with this mana drain or bkb on any teammate.

Frustrating to play those kind of games, but it was extremely interesting and fun to watch this show.

I just wanted to share this with you guys


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