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Some mechanics feel like band-aids rather than mechanics

Content of the article: "Some mechanics feel like band-aids rather than mechanics"

Every big patch, more "content" gets added to the game, but these mechanics can be wonky, weird, imbalanced, and be nonsensical

I love the mechanical depth of this game, which is why I and many others have stuck around for close to a decade, but these patches can make returning to the game a chore rather than an elaboration on solid mechanics

In no particular order, a list:

towers, armor auras, glyphs, splitshots, scans

glyph is a team-shared cooldown ability by making your buildings invulnerable, but only T2/3/4 towers get split-shot helping nuke a wave. This will not stop a hard push against a dead team, but it will kill a rat push, if momentarily

But T1 towers refresh glyphs, so T1 towers can't defend themselves, but when they fall they refresh the ability. This just stalls double tower pushes from occurring unless it's late in the game and a T1 still somehow is alive

Towers also have armor auras for heroes making them safer, but it is most likely that if one team is losing, the armor aura does not provide enough protection to mean anything

If the teams are even, then the armor aura doesn't do much anyway. All these esoteric mechanics that are added make returning to the game alienating, because towers are no longer towers, some have splitshot, some don't, others refresh glyphs, there is armor but not enough armor to mean anything, it has no rhyme or reason

These mechanics are meant to address the power of 5 manning early, ratting, soft pushes by cores, but none of those underlying issues are really solved, it feels more like the game just hard capped how effective they could be with mechanics that aren't intuitive

Thankfully, they changed scan from not working on rosh pit to just working. If you were a new player, it takes time to even know where to find the scan button, and how would you know it didn't even work on rosh pit?

BKB and piercing spells, dispels

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Most of the names for spell shield and piercing need to be reworked too, after playing this game for 8 years I understand that spell immunity from BKB is a misnomer, but it's always weird to see 'oh hey that spell pierces bkb now'

Sven is also disliked because his storm hammer dispels, traditional save items on supports just don't work anymore, you can't euls yourself and be safe because lol dispel

Instead of sven getting reworked or changed to not be dogshit without aghs, fundamental mechanics of dota are reworked into something weird and different to buff him, like not being able to euls yourself to dodge spells as a support

then there's dispels, and hard dispels, some spells require hard dispels, some spells cannot be dispelled at all. Slark's shadow pact used to purge hexes, but for about a year this was removed. For whatever reason, slark could just not dispel it, instead of balancing around his dispel ability and regen in fog of war, they just violated the rules around dispel to nerf him

movement speed

Seems like this gets a radical change each patch too, and should be a sign of how strong it is, to the point where a 5 movespeed buff with another buff is usually all a hero needs to go from C-tier to A-tier. Heroes like Axe and Tusk come to mind, they entirely depend on being able to run at people

In games, supports typically buy tranquils with an item that uses windlace with yet another windlace, just because most supports in this game are made squishy by their base 280 movespeed

Movespeed being changed to a percentage for some items also seems like it's tacked on rather than solving the underlying issue of movespeed being so strong.

Darkseer's movespeed also gets nerfed because of how powerful it was with sven.

Stacking camps is wonky, because some camps move faster than others. I'll get called a trench shitter for this but I simply do not care for finding out when to pull each type of neutral creep, they should all just move the same speed. It's dumb to pull satyrs at what would be the correct time for any other camp, but satyrs just move slower for some reason, oops you missed your pull


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Empty bottle makes them move slower, couriers have special abilities, couriers get upgraded for every 5 levels, this just seems odd

Old dota had upgradeable couriers with gold, I think that would be more streamlined and make sense with everyone having their own courier now. Mid wants a flying courier early because he's expecting to need regen to win the lane? Buy a flying courier for X gold.

Instead of bottle crowing just being slower to hard cap how strong it is, just make a fast courier cost money

Side shop removed

they kept nerfing it so much so they just outright removed it lol

neutral items

spawn chances, spawn times, randomness of what you get, doesn't feel like dota. Sometimes you get just the right item, but other times you get absolutely screwed while the enemy team gets something amazing

They were introduced because the jungle had to be nerfed so damn hard too, to add in jungling mechanics

Honestly it would make more sense to add some neutral items to the game, and make the lower tier ones into the side shop again. I'd buy an ironwood tree just to have double tangoes, if that's what I was expecting. An ocean heart would be a great pos4 item to pick up, or an offlaner to sit in the river to heal up. It would also be easier to balance around that and offer some variability to the standard ring of health strategy most offlaners use. One gives mana, the other gives more health and can be built into later items. Do you expect to leave the offlane and start fighting? Or stay and push the T1 early?


they don't give enough vision to see rotations correctly, the two ramps they're by have a little edge where heroes can walk by unnoticed, and then there's a giant obvious ward spot right next to them.

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I legitimately don't know how to balance these correctly, they're just boring with the xp gain every 10 minutes. They don't really serve any purpose besides contesting rosh, they don't defend your jungle at all with vision.

I want to reiterate that I still love the game especially for the mechanical depth, but at some point they need to tone down the powercreep as well as streamline things. I don't have 4 hours a day to play like in highschool, that doesn't mean the game should be casual or dumb, just the mechanics need to be intuitive so I don't have to watch a 12 hour Purge patch review to start understanding wtf is going on


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