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Some tips and tricks to playing Puck

Content of the article: "Some tips and tricks to playing Puck"

I have been playing Puck for a while now, and it is my favorite character to play apart from ember spirit. So I thought I'd make a compilation of tips and tricks to help others out. I did one for ember spirit a while ago too here .

So you can play puck as a mid or as a support, I generally play it as a mid, but if I don't get mid I go pos 4/5. There are many aspects that are same for both roles though. Apart from the role, there are many builds you can go too. I'll first start with the builds.

The first is the physical damage build. You make use of the attack talents at lv 15 and 25 to do a lot of damage. This build works when your team lacks physical damage and you can fill that role. Typical items are desolator, deadalus and rapier if lategame.

The other is the magical / disable build where you play a nuker puck and do high bursts of damage while coiling your enemies. For this you can take the spell amp talent and make a veil of discord and dagon and try to make people break the leash and do an absurd amount to damage with your nukes. You can also make disable items like a scythe of vyse.

Irrespective of which build you follow I'd say you are a fool if you don't make defensive items. You are an annoying cunt of a hero as long as you are not disabled, one silence or hex and the enemy can squash you like a bug. Blink dagger, eul scepter, and linken sphere are your best friends so make them. If you know the enemy has a hero who will make an orchid like prophet or has a silence ability like silencer, rush a eul scepter. You may have god like reflexes, but you can still fuck up.

Now coming to some tips

  • Illusionary orb is your main escape nuke before blink, so you can use it to harass, but once you use it you are easily jumpable so be careful when and where you use it. At level 3 and 4, combined with 3 null talismans it does a whopping amount of magical damage. If you are playing mid you can easily kill the enemy mid before 6 with orb and waning rift alone and right clicks to finish him off.
  • Use waning rift to get close and then use orb to prevent the enemy from using a counter spell and dodging the orb, especially in mid. You can also use the Orb to secure the range creep.
  • The proper way to get out of an area is to send your orb of and then phase shift to prevent anyone from jumping on you.
  • If you are running away from someone, you should throw an orb in one direction and run in another direction to throw them off. They can't chase 2 things at once. If they go after you jaunt and say "bye", else don't jaunt and say "bye".
  • Illusionary orb gives vision where it travels, also it gives lingering vision so you can use it to scout for TPs while taking towers or ganks on you. When going for smoke ganks into enemy jungle, you can send an orb out to give vision and immediately jaunt + coil if you see someone.
  • If you throw an orb before you die, you can buyback and jaunt to the orb immediately after if it is less than 3 seconds ( before the orb dies ).
  • Jaunting does not count as travelling so using your orb wont cause damage while ruptured. If you have blink and euls you can send the enemy bloodseeker on a wild goose chase.
  • Both orb and shift allow you to disjoint attacks and projectiles. So if an attack is going to land on you, you don't need to stay shifted until it hits, you can shift then unshift and move and the attack will miss. Also rift won't disjoint things.
  • Phase shift is probably one of the best spells ( and my favorite ) in the game. It makes you invulnerable for 3.25 seconds. There are many ways to use it and annoy the shit out of your enemies. You can use it to dodge spells like pudge hook, laguna blade, finger of death, RP, and tilt the enemy. Good pucks need to have really good reflexes and be very observant of the surroundings and enemy heroes. You need to look at the enemy casting their spells to dodge it like lina's stun or qop sonic wave. Don't forget to all chat "?" if you dodge a big ultimate or 5 heroes come to gank you mid ( it really is like that sometimes ).
  • Coming back to the notion of invulnerability that phase shift grants you. It really means what it says. You take 0 damage. So if you are hit with a qop dagger, and you phase shift just before the tick, you don't take damage, but the spell still persists since it does not apply a debuff. You can avoid damage over time for 3.25 seconds ( more if you have euls ). A weird interaction is that going into phase shift removes bloodseeker's thirst from you, but reapplies when you come out.
  • With arcane rune and lv 4 phase shift gives you a 0 cooldown phase shift. It is the best rune for a puck !
  • Blink dagger is so much fun. Blink has a 3 second cooldown if you take damage and shift last for 3.25 seconds, so can use the shift period to get your blink off cooldown. You can blink out of black holes and chrono spheres but you need to keep in mind that while doing so you need to blink in the same direction you were facing before shifting. This is because if you were facing north and you want to blink south, then you will have to turn before blinking and you can get caught mid-turn, but if you blink north then you don't have to turn at all, so there is 0 delay and you can blink right out of that chrono or black hole. An even advanced maneuver is to right click in the preferred direction before you shift which will change your direction, then you can blink out in the preferred direction.
  • One more thing should be able to do is read enemies to dodge- sometimes prediction is key. Enemies can also cancel their spells to bait you to shift especially in the mid lane. You are going to have to wait till the absolute last second to shift, which will take some practice.
  • Ideally if someone jumps onto you, you should throw an orb out and then phase shift to get away ( if you don't have blink ), but if you panic and phase shift with out throwing an orb, you can rift the enemy as soon as you get out to prevent them from using spells, and then throw the orb. This may save you. If you have a euls then you can throw the orb as soon as you get out and eul yourself immediately. Eul lasts for 2.5 seconds and the orb lasts for 3 seconds ( 0.5 second cast window ) so spam jaunt once you eul yourself and you may escape.
  • When blinking in to initiate, you can use rift immediately after to prevent them from using spells on you before you coil and shift.
  • Both waning rift ( self cast ) and phase shift can be cast while rooted, the rift applies the silence in the same place you are rooted in. Phase shift works the same as does normally.
  • Pray you get the flicker neutral item at the start of the game. It is the best tier 4 on you.
  • Dream coil – one of the best spells in the game. With aghanims, it is a reliable lockdown ( pierces bkb ). More over it prevents the use certain spells on heroes as well as TPs. When casting coil on a fleeing enemies, if you don't want to hold them there, try casting the edge of the coil on them, that way they may accidentally break the coil if they keep running.
  • This is a counter tip – if you get coiled you can manta dodge at the max distance and the break stun since the stun is applied after the damage.
  • The coil also does damage on cast and applies the stun + leash. You can finish enemies with coil too even if you have no vision or they are invisible ( you still cannot see them though ).
  • While playing mid if the enemy comes a little to close to the tower, coil his/her ass and kill him with your towers help. If possible try to nuke the creeps and the enemy mid at the same time so the tower is forced to attack the enemy.
  • Dragonlance and pike increase the range of dream coil rapid fire, also modifiers like skadi and daedalus proc on the attacks. The rapid fire continues even if you are phase shifted, so items like blade mail will do 0 damage to you even if you have 6 rapiers that melt the enemy, and items like satanic or mask will heal you to full health. It also continues even if you are stunned or hexed or disabled. Activating silver edge during coil will break all the enemies at once. The only survival mechanic is to break the coil, which stops the rapid fire.
  • Dream coils are treated independently, so you can refresher coil for 2 leashes and 2 rapid fire attacks at once.
  • The level 15 talent is a wacky one, both options are really good, the orb speed increases the max distance and I prefer it if I'm playing a core role for better escape, the waning rift cooldown is good for a support role.
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As for playstyle, once you get level 6 you should look to use your coil to get kills whenever it is up. You can make mad space for your carry since you are so elusive. Always pair up with 1 or 2 teammates and go gank the enemy antimage just to tilt him. Basically, be as annoying as you possibly can be.

I'm no 8k+ MMR god or anything, I just love playing the hero a lot and wanted to share the things I leant, read about and experienced. Everything I say is just my opinion so please don't get triggered. If you have anything to add or want to correct me somewhere, comment it ! Thanks for reading !


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