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Sorla, The Khan of the Red Mist

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Sorla , The Khan of the Red Mist
"I am no conqueror. I am the Savior of the Oglodi. It's just an unfortunate reality that my people's salvation means your people's destruction."
Sorla was young girl during the Red Mist's early campaign, with stories of it's great effort to destroy the tarnsman and the horde's reputation among the land she ought to that one day she maybe be a part of it but it soon become an impossibility. with Mogul's horrendous appetite for success he and together with enemies from numerous campaigns slaughtered the horde with it the Oglodi became ever threatened by it's neighbors, anxiety grew among them will the Bleak Day happen again? This gave Sorla her goal, a vow to remake and give back the Red Mist it's glory to save the Oglodi. So she does upon reaching adulthood she along those who escaped Mogul's tyrannical rule banded together to remake the Red Mist, with Sorla's speeches and the anxiety and fear the Oglodis have quickly rose up, from a group of bandits to a horde worthy of the former horde's name and so Sorla marches, to wherever and whenever, seeking ways to regain the glory of the Oglodi once more.

Sorla, the Khan of the Red Mist is a strength hero adept at fighting and boosting her allies simultaneously. Her can be thrown which taunts all creeps in a radius to attack whomever it hits and pillage enemy stats.

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Strength: 20 + 3.1
Agility: 17 + 1.8
Intelligence: 15 + 1.4
Armor : 1
Damage at Level 1: 52-56
Attack Time: 1.6
Attack Range: 500


Q: Commanding Spear, Unit Target

Mana: 140, CD: 12

The spear of Sorla is her insignia, wherever it is her troops follow.

Throws a spear on an enemy dealing damage and rooting them, creeps-regardless of alliance- are forced to attack the affected target.

Damage Type: Physical
Pierces BKB?: No
Damage: 120/190/230/300
Cast Range: 500
Effect Radius: 400
Duration: 3/3/4/4

W: Warmonger, Passive

CD: 30/25/22/18

A conqueror she may not be, but as an Oglodi Sorla relishes combat to the bloodiest degree

Passively gives Sorla bonus damage when on the presence of an enemy hero or structure. Sorla can then rally hero allies sharing the bonuses in an area as aura.

Breakable? Yes
Bonus Damage Per Hero 10/15/20/25
Bonus Damage Per Tower 5/7/9/11
Search Radius 400
Activation Radius 700
Activation Duration: 10

E: Pillage, Unit Target

Mana: 150, CD: 15/14/11/12

The Red Mist horde took everything they want, to whom and whatever they wish

Stabs an enemy hero dealing damage and stealing some of their stats for Sorla to use, when Sorla uses Warmonger the stats is shared among allies.

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Damage Type: Physical
Pierces BKB? Linken's?: No, No
Damage: 100/150/200/250
Armor Stolen: 4/6/8/10
Damage Stolen: 25%/30%/35%/40%
Movement Speed Stolen: 5%/10%/20%/25%
Attack Speed Stolen: 30/40/50/60
Cast Range: 200
Steal Duration 10

R: The Red Mist Horde, Unit/No Target

Mana: 100, CD: 130/110/90

The Red Mist horde is ready at all times at Sorla's command

Shouts in the air to summon warriors of the Red Mist horde, and fights all enemies and structure within a radius of Sorla. They are untargettable and unkillable but attacks in intervals and are affected by all buffs Sorla gives and can proc Sorla's on hit effects

Upgradable via Aghanim's Scepter: Upon activation it becomes a persistent effect until the duration ends, warriors now also springs up once a new enemy are in the effect radius.

Pierces BKB? Yes
Warrior Damage 80/100/120
Warrior Attack Interval 1.2/1/0.9
Search and Effect Radius 900
Duration: 7/8/9


25 +300 Effect Radius Abilities Pillage Steals 10 Primary Stats
20 +20 Damage Per Hero Warmonger +1 Second Commanding Spear
15 +10% Stolen Pillage +40 Movement Speed
10 +8 strength +3 mana regen

Author's Notes: Now this idea has been in the backburner for a while now. This started way back during the contest to Dota-fy the heroes of Artifact and it sorta was never released due to personal reasons as well as this was the 12th iteration of this concept. So I guess here it is in all of its Glory: Sorla Khan

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