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SoulEater (Ultimate Ability that specifically targets each enemy Hero)

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|LORE: He likes eating souls. And he's like Lifestealer's brother or something lmao|

|DESCRIPTION: Scary looking guy|

|Role: Spooky |<>(#support) <>(#carry) <>(#nuker) <>(#jungler) <>(#initiator) <>(#disabler) <>(#ganker) <>(#durable) <>(#pusher)|


| <>(#str) Strength | 18 + 1.8 |

| <>(#agip) **Agility** | **20 + 2.1** |

| <>(#int) Intelligence | 16 + 1.8 |

| Move Speed | 300|

| Attack Range | Melee (128)

| Base Attack Time | 1.7


|Q|Last Hitter|


| Ability | Target Unit / Passive |

| Affects | Enemy Heroes |

| Damage | Pure |

| Range | 800 | (for active portion)

> SoulEater attempts to secure the last hit. If SoulEater attacks a hero below 25% health, he will deal bonus physical damage with his attacks. This ability can also be cast on an enemy hero to deal pure damage from 800 range. However, while this ability is on cooldown, the passive portion is also disabled.

|Level|cd|mana|Passive Damage|Active Pure Damage|






* Author's note: Helps SoulEater finish off weak enemies or secure a kill on a target to get a full stack for his ultimate.


|W|Crushing Bite|


| Ability | Target Unit (channelled) |

| Affects | Enemy Heroes |

| Damage | Magical |

| Range | 250 |

> Bite into the target's flesh. They can still attack and cast spells, but cannot move for the duration of this ability. SoulEater will automatically apply autoattacks.







* Author's note: Does 0 damage, but as mentioned autoattacks are applied. It's kind of like Duel, but the enemy can pick their targets and cast spells.

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|E|Leap / Displace|


| Ability | Active (target point) |

| Affects | Self |

> Leap to the target location. If you are stunned or rooted, this ability becomes Displace instead. Displace can be cast even when stunned or rooted, allowing you to perform a smaller version of Leap, with an increased manacost.

|Level|#cd|mana (Leap)|mana (Displace)|Distance (Leap)|Distance (Displace)|






* Author's note: Diplace and Leap share a cooldown. Leap turns into Displace whenever you are stunned or rooted. Does not work when under the effect of Channelling ability regardless of their categorisation (like Black Hole or Fiend's Grip).


|R|Ultimate: Soul Consumption|


| Ability | Passive |

| Affects | Enemy Heroes |

| Damage | N/A |

*SoulEater eats your soul*

> Each time SoulEater kills the target, 1 stack of Soul Fragmentation is applied (2 assists against the target will count as a 'kill'). Each stack of Soul Fragmentation has a unique effect on the enemy hero, as their core being is torn away from them. Max of 3/4/5 stacks can be applied to any given hero.

|Level|CD|Max Stacks|





* Author's note: Stacks are retroactively applied. The exact effects of Soul Fragmentation stacks will be described in the post below.


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