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Started playing Io. Need hints.

Content of the article: "Started playing Io. Need hints."

TLDR: could you guys provide any hint about Io? In particular:

• What should I do in the laning stage? • How much can the itemization vary on this hero? • What heroes does Io match well with? • What enemy lineups should I avoid playing Io against?

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Hi everyone, Legend player here.

Yesterday I was playing Single Draft and got the chance to play Io. I am a mainly pos 5 hero, but I must have played this hero probably only once or twice (years ago) in thousands of hour I've spent playing. And those two times went, of course, horribly wrong.

Nonetheless I pick Io, we need a pos 5 and I'm a lot confident in this role, even if I remember the hero being extremely complicated and requiring a good amount of communication.

What I've found, though, was a definitely easier and more impactful version of the hero, with overcharge being ridiculously strong, to say the least. We've dominated the lane and the game, and as a result I really got intrigued by the hero. I join other two matches, this time All Pick, and although losing the laning phase (in both games we were matching against two nukers who could jump on me even early on and burst me down in no time), we won the games also thanks to the sustain I managed to give to the carry and the rest of the team. Refilling my Juggernaut after being almost killed inside Void's chrono felt incredibly good.

Now, I would like to start playing Io in ranked as soon as I feel confident enough with the hero, but I might need your help as I feel it is significantly different from other supports I'm used to play.

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• In the laning stage I usually prefer staying out of vision rather than in the lane, stacking and pulling or harassing from inside the trees. Playing Io, should I be attached to my carry the whole time? Is it OK to leave him alone half a minute now and then to stack/pull a camp and maybe get a pair of LH? What should I do if the enemy offlane is extremely offensive and can burst me down every time I show up in lane behind my carry (especially with a melee carry that needs to be closer to the creeps and therefore to the enemy heroes)? If we happen to win the lane and feel like the enemy offlane is no threat to my carry, should I try to help out a lane that is going considerably worse or should I stick in safelane and sustain the carry while he farms?

• What I really like to do when playing supports is having a solution to every threat the enemy team poses, if possible. I understand that, for this reason, adjusting itemization is crucial to have an impact on most games. But with Io, it seemed to me so far that the itemization pattern is quite set in stone: Bottle > Wand > Mekansm > Guardian Greaves. While I can see the need of building a Ghost Scepter or a Glimmer Cape in some games, are there other items I should consider buying on the hero? Is Holy Locket as good of an item as it seems to be on paper, maybe before upgrading Meka into Greaves?

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• I understand Io matches fine with hard carries who could use a buff to their early farming capabilities, but what heroes does Io perform extremely good with? Also, are there some heroes that works well with Io in the Offlane, too? What enemy heroes should I be the most aware of? Are there some enemy picks against which I should avoid to play Io at all?


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