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Submit your replay(s) in the comments and I’ll reply after I watch

Content of the article: "Submit your replay(s) in the comments and I’ll reply after I watch"

I'm 4k, but I've "analyzed" higher MMR players' replays before, and they've found it useful.

It doesn't matter what your MMR is, if you just want some attention, share the ID and I'll watch it and comment on it πŸ™‚ We can even talk about it after if that's what you want. You have my free attention.

Edit: since some of you appear to be enjoying reading my analysis, I've also been doing 2 guys in this post on another sub during the same time, so feel free to check that out if you want to as well:

These posts are open indefinitely as of this moment, you can ask for an analysis anytime and I'll do it, unless I specifically say otherwise. Who I haven't gotten to yet, I will soon, and your comments are noticed, just taking smoke breaks in-between and such.

Edit 2: If any of the people I'm analyzing for want follow-ups, just ask. You can comment on this post anytime with another replay ID if you want, either to the post itself or under the thread related to your previous analysis – so just make sure I understand there's previous context to our interaction. Or you can DM me and we can figure it out there. Either way, I'm down with doing more analysis in general, it's fun and educational for me.

Edit 3: Guys, just to re-iterate, I will get around to doing every request, but taking a longer break now, I've been at it for hours and did somewhere around 7 replays so far. Feeling burned out and I don't feel like I could provide as much in one-sitting. So either later today, or tomorrow, I'll start getting through all the other IDs. Feel free to keep submitting, I'll do every one. Just make sure your own replay can be downloaded first, as if it's too old I won't be able to watch it. Cheers!

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