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Subreddit Update – Contests & Creator’s Lounge

Subreddit Update – Contests & Creator's Lounge

After a deep and valuable conversation in this thread I'm making some changes to the way the subreddit contests are run/judged and we're adding a Creator's Lounge header to promote a more informal chat type environment for concept discussion.

The main issues I heard from the thread were:

  • Judging criteria isn't clear

  • One party judging is too subjective

  • High amount of effort that goes into a concept, while there's little attention given to any

  • A way to give more casual fast feedback would help participation

In addition my main thoughts as a mod are:

  • This subreddit doesn't have a lot of users. This limits a lot of what we can do. Contests in the past dwindled to just 2-3 submissions each time. In my opinion, the more we can encourage participation in any form, the better the experience will be.

  • The more effort required the less likely people are to do it. This goes for giving feedback, judging, voting, etc. Even minor efforts like clicking a link reduces participation.

  • I want to keep the $5 Gift Card for contests to keep them serious. As such, I want to keep the judging impersonal and prevent any potential for blaming community judges.

  • Contests have winners and losers. While losing will unavoidably feel bad I still want everyone to gain something from participating in the contests. Mainly feedback and opinions.

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My hopes are that all of these concerns are addressed in the contest/judging changes and by creating a Creator's Lounge. These are not final changes, we can definitely change things further if there are still problems.

Contest & Judging Changes

Contests will now have guidelines for what judging will consist of. For now, these guidelines will be general rather than specific. I want to avoid score sheets. Judging should fit the submitted heroes, rather than heroes being made to tick boxes and max out score points. (The current contest has been updated)

As contests are different each month, these judging guidelines will be different for each contests. However they should feel similar enough to set regular expectations.

Contests submissions will now end one week before the end of the month. I will pick my top 3 submissions according to the judging guidelines and they will be entered into a community vote over the following week. This community vote will consist of a Google Form where you rank each 3 finalists and optionally provide thoughts on each. The winner will be decided from this community vote. In the event of a tie both submissions will win and receive prizes.

I wanted to avoid having the voting be for all submissions. Having everyone go through ~10 concepts and give each the attention needed won't happen. It barely happens outside of a contest. Only reading through 3 concepts is much more do-able.

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Creator's Lounge

A new thread named the Creator's Lounge has been added to the header of the subreddit. (This is not a contest like it's namesake) This is a thread where anyone can come post anything and talk about it.

Want to ask for feedback for an ability you're making? Want to talk about lore? Want to give some quick feedback on some stuff without writing an essay? This thread is the place!

The thread will be replaced on the first of each month, but links to previous ones will be kept in the post.

As mentioned above, these changes are still open to being changed. I'd like to revisit this in the future after a few contests to see how popular they are and if they're solving problems.

Any feedback or ideas are greatly appreciated! Comment here or feel free to PM me. Thanks.


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