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Hey guys. I have been having a lot of fun with support tiny and was wondering about a couple things. I have been winning with it a lot, but doesn't mean I am making mistakes, right.

Anyways, (1) I don't really know about legit itemization after blink. What I do is Tranquil, Billion Clarities, Obs, and Blink (usually don't have to sentry before blink and I communicate that to my 5 almost every game). I like wand/stick, but I feel like asap Blink is key to be as useful as early as possible. It's my opinion that if support tiny isn't strong early, then he won't be late & is why I prioritize Blink so hard.

After Blink, I have no idea. I've been going lotus a lot and it seems fairly legit for regen and active. Eblade and Dagon if its super late game and can afford greeding. I've seen euls, force staff, and glimmer a lot on dotabuff builds, but idk when to go them. I sometimes still have mana problems after blink, but usually the 5's arcane boots or just sending more clarities does the job or some neutral items.

(2) Is switching to carry late game viable at all? I don't think so because imo he needs too many items/gold as carry to round himself out, but just asking anyway.

(3) When should I roam and not? Some games I feel like leaving offlane and then apparently its bad according to my 3, but bad to not roam either because of kill potential. I've been prioritizing mid and safelane because if offlane's game goes meh and I get mid or safelane some gold, then higher farm priority heroes are getting better games. As long as top isn't feeding (if there is a death or I am doubtful of how well top will go, I will watch and try to go back), I just try to stay as active as possible, usually starting to leave bare minimum level 2. Any earlier imo is just stupid. Need help with this a lot because I don't have the gamesense to see when staying in offlane all game would be gamewinning with a combo or if leaving top would be free for top and for mid and safelane.

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(4) Skillbuild. Simple and silly question for efficiency (i know its 4401already ofc): I've been maxing ava first over toss because its mana cost doesn't increase like toss, its cd is way higher, and I just have a mental math feeling that a 21 toss combo is more damage than 12 combo. However, I guess you would maybe want to max toss first if you can win lane off of displacing an enemy, but I don't understand when to switch it up/don't have game sense for knowing which is better. For now, at level 3, I'll be 2100 and at level 5, i'll be 3200 and hopefully that isn't all that bad.

Ty for help and sorry if that is too much wall of text. I can also post dotabuff if needed too, but I don't really have problem with winning my tiny games, but jsut want to improve my decision-making with a hero i find really fun to play.


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