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Tangos are overrated and so are the people who buy them

Content of the article: "Tangos are overrated and so are the people who buy them"

Don't even try to change my mind. If you buy tangos YOU ARE A MASSIVE PUSSY and deserve to lose every game. Buying tangos basically means you are planning on getting hit and taking damage and if you are planning for failure like that then you will fail every time. Tangos are ruining dota one game at a time for this reason. The only time I will ever buy tangos is if I am a support and my mid asks for them. SO I CAN THROW THEM ON THE GROUND AND DENY THEM IN HIS FACE. Fuck that pussy ass mid and fuck his pussy ass tangos. By this time you have probably come to your senses and realized the inferiority of tangos, but are still wondering what you should be doing instead. Here are some options

  1. Just don't get hit – this one comes up every game. Dota is a game of resources and in order to have more than your opponents, you need to stop getting hit. Don't get hit by enemy heroes, creeps, or towers.
  2. Stats- Every hero has them, you need to learn to use them. If you don't have enough health consider a bracer. Magic wand and stick are severely underrated items and I promise you will heal you much more than any tango ever will.
  3. If you really can't follow the first suggestion, pick healing heroes. Omni, Dazzle, Io, or Warlock
  4. Tranquil boots – Speeed can be quoted as saying "Tranquil boots are a pseudo blink dagger"
  5. Tower regen- Being under the tower now gives you extra regen and armor. Hug these if you're feeling pressured
  6. Lifesteal- A morbid mask cost 10X a tango and does 100x more every game. Literally good on any hero if you can afford it. Get a vlads and you're regening to the moon.
  7. Bottle- Why regen just health when you can regen health and mana? Just don't expect your team to save the runes for you and be sure to only ping that you have a bottle after they grab a rune, never before.
  8. Guardian Greaves- More like suck-my-fat-coke-can-dick-and-tell-me-that-shit-aint-zero-calories boots. GG boots for a reason, these are seriously game winning. Works especially well on dazzle and the more on your team the better! So don't decide against these just because they're already on one of your teammates.
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At the end of the day, Dota is a game of efficiency. There are much more gold effiecient items than tangos and if you are buying them you might as well pick techies and go twiddle your thumbs in the fountains because you are throwing the games either way. I promise you, look at any pro team who lost TI and check their starting items. Someone on their team had tangos EVERY TIME and it cost them all millions of dollars. Keep striving to be better, and remember to mute toxic players. Focus on yourself, quit buying tangos, and you will climb to that next bracket.



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