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Team Flamed Me Mid-Game. AITA?

Content of the article: "Team Flamed Me Mid-Game. AITA?"

Had a match yesterday where I played carry Luna with support Abbadon against the enemy Slardar and Juggernaut. After Abbadon getting combo'd to death twice, we managed to have an ok laning phase against the two. I didn't die, ended with 31 last hits (not that good, but it was a rough lane and I'm not the best at last hitting) and I even got two kills. After this point, however, is when things got bad.

The other lane, Rubick and Axe, called for help, since Jugg decided to rotate there. I asked Abbadon to help them, since I wanted to farm the safe lane and jungle and because I did not feel comfortable going into teamfights without my core items (mainly BKB so I don't get stunned to death). Rubick and Axe continued to die in teamfights while I pushed the lanes that were unoccupied. Even after Abbadon joined them they're KDA would end up 0/5/1 (Rubick), 2/4/0 (Axe), and 1/4/1 (Abbadon) at 20 minutes.

Rubick then demanded that I help in teamfights, even after I explained I wanted to finish my items, saying "BS you don't have items. You have Mask of Madness and Yasha." They all decided to blame me for the team losing and Axe went afk for about two minutes. Abbadon would go on to farm unsafely and die alone, eventually ending the game 3/9/11. Rubick would eventually abandoned the game, but with it being ranked I didn't want to quit out. Our mid, Alchemist, was able to gain farm and eventually built me an Aghs. We actually managed to hold high ground for a little bit with Axe initiating well and me and Alchemist farmed up, but we eventually lost. I'm not sure how the gpm worked when someone abandons but I ended with second highest gpm, with Alchemist being first, and a KDA of 16/5/4.

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With this being a Herald rank game I'm absolutely sure that I made a lot of mistakes this game. Looking back, with Axe's taunt, and Luna and Rubick's stuns we may have been agle to turn some fights and make it worth leaving farm for that, but I'm not sure. I've taken to Cookie's advice on how to get better at dota by ignoring fights that don't matter and outfarming my enemies. This has led me to ignore teamfights that aren't high ground and try to counterpush as my team is fighting. I know this can lead to some rage from my team but this was by far the worst I've experienced.

Here's the dotabuff of the game if anyone's interested:

Sorry for the wall of text but this has been on my mind all day and I gotta know, AITA?

tltr – My team blamed me for them dying in teamfights while I was farming items. AITA?


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