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Techies changes over the years and why he hasnt been fixed

Content of the article: "Techies changes over the years and why he hasnt been fixed"

Icefrog has experimented with this hero over time, changing things to encourage different playstyles, but having spammed this hero when he first came out and got reworked, none of these changes actually helped

The obvious issue is he spams the green remote mines on highground delaying the game, his aghs only makes it even harder to push highground, and he can't teamfight away from his bombs, only reinforcing the stalemate

So why haven't the recent changes worked?

The changes are good, suicide was fun in 2014 with the halved respawn timer and massive damage, but blastoff is more skill-based, lets techies initiate, and is a strong teamfight spell (especially before bkb's come out)

The problem is that it is risky and farming aghs is a safer way to play

The redmines used to be stackable, not require stasis traps, and worked both up and downhill a ramp. This was fun, but creating an actual mine field was more fair to the other team who also got a warning signal.

The problem is that this reinforces defensive play

Even if the mines were moved to a charge system to encourage tower bursting instead of afk mining, you still want to get aghs so the enemy cannot highground without late game items and late roshan drops

It doesn't help that most of his quality of life buffs went into remote mines costing less mana and having a lower cooldown, even if you buff his teamfight and push abilities, the safest way to play the hero is be extremely defensive, get aghs, and make it to late game when your spectre is 6-slotted

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A huge simple fix would be removing the aghs minefield ability, so the entire hero isn't centered around invisible highground mines. It has to be said, as long as that is a thing, the hero will delay games into 40+ minutes.

So what can be done? Well, remove that and buff his tower pushing capabilities. Make it so that the hero wants to leave his side of the river and reward pickoffs or good teamfights with pushing ability.

Stasis traps are also wonky. They work with ramp landmines and highgrounds, making a jungle impossible to walk through, but I'm just not a fan of this ability. I never max it first, it's just so boring and defensive. This could be either removed or placed with red landmines, kind of like beastmaster's hawk and boar share an ability.

He should have one of his old abilities which empowered his autoattack. This could do extra damage to towers so his rightclicks can push, also explode in an AOE for nuking down creeps.

I also find it weird his landmines do tower damage but his C4's do not, it makes way more sense to put tower damage on remote mines as a way of pushing towers from a distance. this would also encourage him to not plant remote mines defensively.

As for his aghs, The remote mine tower damage could be used as an aghs upgrade, giving techies an option to push highground late game if it's too good to just have outright. Or, make the minefield sign silence the redmines in an AOE and making them invisible, so only a portion of the jungle.

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Overall, I like the changes made to him to be actually playing the game but not removing what makes the hero unique. However, as long as remote mines aghs exist, he will be cancer to both teams.


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