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Techies is criminally undervalued.

Now before you type a comment saying techies is a cheese pick (ok maybe you're not wrong on that part), not viable, doesn't work in pubs, only works if he can bring his team to late game, too niche, WHATEVER it is. Read this first, try it, and then comment if you truly believe I'm wrong here.

A week ago I would of agreed with these statements above, but a thread earlier talking about techies sparked my interest and I did a little studying. A user had mentioned the heroes strengths in a certain playstyle that the player Jubei adapts. Me being my curious self went to Jubeis stream and watched a few games of his techies. Needless to say I was kinda shocked at what I was looking at, this man goes the same 4 items every game, roughly same time, doesn't afk on some weird spot or Infront of towers (most of the time)

Before I go into exacts, I'll do a quick summary. He starts with boots and faerie, tranqs, soul ring, aether, void stone (for hex later) shard right on 20 minutes, hex will follow shortly after if game is going well and by 25ish mins he becomes this OP as fuck hero that can cross map people with his blast off due to the shard range plus aether. After 8 or so games (6-2 from memory) I have to say this shard is like top 10 in the game easily. As for items after hex it's always different, I've gone force for utility plus mine baiting, octarine, even refresher for double blast off and double hex for insane lockdown, it's game dependant at that point.

So for those curious I would highly suggest watching Jubei's Vods on twitch to fully understand this playstyle but here is my take on it.

Before your offlaner picks, ensure they understand they will have a lot of solo XP so they need to build and pick a hero accordingly. Examples can be timber, Veno, tide, bristle, axe. Play the first 30 seconds in lane as much as possible and try to blast off everytime you return to lane, securing range creeps in the process while hitting the POS 1. After 30 seconds you need to run to your triangle, and double stack the easy camp and the large camp. Timing for the hard camp is 52-53 and the easy camp is usually 55-56. (If you have Luna, Sven, TA, Kunkka, Medusa etc go stack ancients after you have stacked the small camp enough)

Doing this correctly means you can get 5-7 stacks by the time tier 1 neutrals spawn on the hard camp ALONE, the small camp is usually harder to stack that much but usually I get a 3 stack, sometimes 4 stack. By 7 mins from running back and forth your offlaner will be a level a minute if he doesn't go out of position and die too much, if they're any good they will just play for xp and not die and you will be around lvl 2-3.

When you get lvl 2 proximity mines and it's the 7th minute, you're good to go, as it will be nighttime by then neutrals do not agro to you if you proximity mine them, so one by one place them down, the bigger creeps will be just alive, either right click them down or blast off, both work, this will instantly give your team 2-3 neutral items very early which in some cases starts a huge snowball as 4 of your teammates have an extra item for free while the enemy likely doesn't even have one. From killing the large camp stack you will also have lvl 5, close to 6 by 7 mins and around 3k networth. This is where you start playing in your lane, rotate mid, do anything to create pressure, lvl 3 mins one shot waves so if you want to get a tower you can sit behind it and just stop waves from meeting, it's very very strong. After this, do usual techie things, smoke deep into tree pockets and mine the enemies chokepoints and hard camps.

By 20 minutes you literally have the powerspike of a blink lion, but with more utility, I have several games where I just get shard delivered at 20:30ish and I blast off on 4 heroes and turn dives / fights completely around. Finally once you get hex you just try your best to prox mine plus statis any areas you wanna control with your team and quickly punish the enemy if they try and jump your team with the HUGE range hex (due to aether lens). I've versed immortal smurfs, counters, everything that should fuck techies, it doesn't matter, no one respects a 25 minute hex on a support.

This can be beat obviously, I versed a snowballing lineup last night and due to numerous factors we couldn't beat them. Anyway, as I said before, try this out and watch the wins come free.

Not an expert but will answer any questions as well. Glhf!


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