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Templar Assassin vs Windranger

Content of the article: "Templar Assassin vs Windranger"

I've been playing a lot of TA and i've gotten fairly comfortable with most match ups (including vipers, veno's) but I've been having a lot of troubling against windranger mid.

Pre lvl 6.

I feel like my kill potential is quite low, unless I get off a good amount of psi blade hits. I would usually be up in terms of cs and denies and will be able to harass fairly well. (Maybe 1 or 2 small items ahead). However, I would have a hard time killing her because she can just windrun away.

Level 6.

When we hit level 6, it just feels like I need to leave the lane and go hit jungle because of how unfavorable it becomes. It feels like my item advantages get instantly equalized if she literally has one javelin. My traps are countered by the windrun and when she gets a jump on me post-shackle I either have to tp out or try to fight back (which is usually unfavorable due to windrun being a duration while my refraction is with instances)

So I understand that some lanes you just leave lane and farm and jungle faster (e.g. against a huskar) but it just feels like she's a lot more mobile than huskar and the fact that she doesn't need an item advantage against me to come ahead makes it less punishing to chase me around or go around terrorizing other heroes.

Mid Game

She can solo me with a plus one right away and I have a hard time itemizing against her kit. Bkb doesn't offer much, and she would normally be the one jumping one me as I don't have the kit to kill her (during then most wr's would have bkb). So in team fights as well, I feel like i need to make sure someone else gets gone on before I enter or I get shredded by the focus fire.

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Late Game

So most of my games follow this trend unless I heavily outskill the opponent. So by then, as a hero that is supposed to have high tempo and play from ahead, I usually feel neutered to have as significant an impact in the late game too (assuming it's a my team depends on me to carry situation).

So I am wondering what concept am I missing that this match up always turns out unfavorable for me. I feel like I should switch my buildup to incorporate ghost scepter (eblade), heavens, lotus or blademail but I always end up going cookie cutter.

Any help would be truly appreciate.


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