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The 3 Major Problems Regarding DPC 2021 And Their Solutions

With the introduction of regional leagues valve has taken a right direction to esports as tier 2 teams have got time to shine in the regional leagues this to this system and we are grateful for that to valve. But there are still 3 major issues that's haunting Dota 2 esports right now and the practical solutions to it:

  1. Prizepool Division: As much as we love valve for making dota the most creative moba and highest paying esports of all the thing is the prizepool goes only to little upper echelon while majority suffer in darkness. As a community we have raised nearly $200m to valve previous year even in pandemic but valve still hasn't told us how our money is going to be used. Now it may be revealed sooner or later because we all know valve is working harder than ever before this year in dota 2 esports rn the prizepool Division is very very bad. Why? We know dota follows promotion/relegation like europian sports system rn where prizepool must be high enough for the teams to Support themselves in this system that is not the case this year. If valve wanted they could have put more money into the prizepools of the leagues and majors but they decide not to as it's a business at end and they value money. But right now everything else is a teeny tiny tournament to qualify for a 40 million dollar TI which is absolutely bad structure. Instead what they can do is have prizepool of $1m for each regional league, $3m for each major and $20m for TI where $2m is still remaining which can be use for advertising dota 2 as it desperately needs advertising more than ever now instead of using $40 million tournament as an advertisement. $20m is still the highest prizepool any Esports offers right now in a single tournament and $20m is enough for the tournament to be most prestigious in all of esports. This will solve the prizepool distribution issue. If we are going to have 4 seasons we can make 500k leagues and 1m major keeping TI prizepool $20m.

  2. $0 dollars for participating in official Valve's tournaments: As much as we love to bash riot as a community we have to admit that LoL esports is in a better state than Dota esports right now which the Franchising system. Now I know valve hates Franchising system but even in promotion/relegation system giving $0 dollars for bottom two teams in division 2 In each region for playing 6 weeks in official tournament and $0 dollars for 9th-16th team in major (not sure about major just heard on the previous Singapore major post) when they work super hard to qualify for major and are the top 4 teams of their region is absolutely out of this world for me. How can we expect growth in tier 2 becoming tier 1 when you have constant fear of working 6 weeks to earn nothing in the end. This kills motivation and strikes fear In division 2 teams. I have never seen a premium tournament paying $0 dollars to bottom teams. This needs to be changed asap and they should earn some money to support themselves for entertaining us in the regional leagues.

  3. Broadcasting, Advertisment and other issues regarding dota 2 esports: Firstly here , I would like to thank DreamHack Dream league for broadcasting lower division in their official channel, but seriously cmon guys. Plz broadcast lower division in your own official channel of all respective organizers in their own regions instead of giving the responsibility to community streamers ( thanks evoplus, AresHD etc for streaming these matches for us). This way all the tournaments can be streamlined and systematic for the normal esports viewer to follow. About broadcasting rights as much as giving each Community streamer right to broadcast professional matches I would like to make professional matches exclusive to the main stream offered by official TOs as I recently saw Official PGL getting 2k viewers while WxC indonesia getting 20k viewers on same match. I may be wrong in this exclusivity part but seeing PGL who is streaming DPC league SEA in 4k is only getting 2k viewers while the other community streamers are getting 10k-20k feels sad to me. It's so bad that many unofficial streams will pop up in youtube but you have to search for the official stream to watch it. So exclusive broadcasting rights can generate more revenue to the official TOs and broadcasters and help the esports profit as a whole but this has already been debated once I guess. Also dota 2 needs two important things right now for playerbase to grow so dota doesn't die, firstly advertising. $40m dollar tournament advertising is nothing if they just gonna come once a year, trial your game for 1 hr and delete it without spending penny. Instead cut prizepool of TI if you have to and focus on advertising so we can attract new players to the esport and providing DPC more exposure. Secondly we need the players to stay and enjoy. So make a better tutorial system and better new player expierence for the game to grow more and new players who stay and become regular fans. The overwatch system is right direction to making better experience for the players.

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If you made it till here thanks for reading all. I am not trying to bash valve or dota 2 esports here but as an active viewers since 7 years and a super passionate player I truely believe if we as a community and valve step up, we can make dota 2 #1 esport in the world again .I just hope valve treats dota by feeding and milking it and taking care of it long term as it can provide more revenue for valve and the community as a whole in long run instead of treating it as a dying cow which must be milked to max until it dies which is not gonna make them much compared to the long run. And I truly believe valve cares about their esports much as their community does and see their esports strive and thrive in the future.We as a community make direct impact to the esport and can change many things. But we need valve to listen and reach this. If you agree please upvote and share as much as possible and comment your own solutions so this can officially reach valve or any person who can being change to the structure and the system and something good can come out of it. I think the only reason the game is still going strong on its 11th year is because if the Passionate dota 2 community. Thank you and God bless you all.

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(Tldr: A super passionate dota 2 player and esports watcher suggesting some solutions to the problems regarding the current DPC structure. I truely believe if these 3 issues are fixed, dota 2 esports can thrive again and be #1 esport in the world again and beat all it's competitors.)


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