Dota 2

The Artisan 2021

The Artisan 2021

The soft wind feels good on your skin, the earth beneath your feet is warm and welcoming, the sun shines in your bleary eyes. How long has it been? The trail you find yourself on is familiar, yet covered in layers of new and etches of old. How long has the Void kept you from the planes you call home? The unfamiliar has become familiar to you, present times have always merely been a transfer between whats been and what is to be found. Yet you are outside this stream, you bring forth what would never be found. Your hands are shaky and the steps are less sure then before, but it quickly returns to you. You pull out your map, trace the faded names and shapes of the world you travel, and begin on your way.

You are the Artisan, you have been ready for this.

The Rules

Submit any one hero of your creation, new or old.

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All heroes submitted must have the following:

  • At least one paragraph of Lore

  • A short description of your hero's appearance, reference images may be included.

  • Full stats

  • Non-Copyright Infringing Ability Icons and Hero Portrait

  • Aghanim's Scepter and Aghanim's Shard effects

Additionally, you must provide feedback on at least one other submission in order to qualify.

Submit heroes by May 1st 5:00 AM GMT (UTC +0). Your hero must be submitted by this time, no exceptions will be made.

To submit a hero, post a link to the hero in this thread.

Judging and Prizes

All heroes will be voted upon by the community. Only those who submitted a qualifying hero will be able to vote. The Top 4 Heroes from this vote will be the Finalists. These Finalists will be judged by special guest judge SUNSfan! His favorite will be the official 1st Place Winner!

1st Prize will receive: Full Concept Art of their hero! (Artist TBD) Unique subreddit flair of their hero! And 40% of the Prize Pool in Steam Gift Cards.

The other 3 Finalists will receive: Portrait Concept Art of their hero! Unique subreddit flair of their hero! And 20% of the Prize Pool in Steam Gift Cards.

Current Prize Pool: $25

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Want to donate to the Prize Pool? Please DM me!

Thank You

Thanks to everyone who's been participating in this community! We're a small community for sure, but its still a great one. If you haven't yet, join our community Discord to join in on the conversation. I've got lots of ideas for future community contests and events, and have gotten a lot of ideas from you all! Going forward, the contest feedback survey will include a section for contest ideas. I will add these ideas to a list and pseudo-randomly pull from it for our monthly contests! Whoever submitted that contest will be able to judge it if they wish. I'll still provide a $5 Prize for these contests. Of course, you are still available to to create your own contests as you wish! (Check out the current Two Point Contest btw) We are limited to two sticky posts, so if we have multiple ongoing community contests I'll create a Contest List sticky thread that can hold all the links to community contests.

With these changes to monthly contests, I'll be able to focus more on creating some bigger contests such as The Artisan, Lore Laureates, Heroes Wanted, or other new ones. My goal is to have one of these every 3-4 months. I'm happy to put some money towards these contests, but I'm not rich so if you want to help out I'm accepting donations(PM me for the paypal) that 100% of will go towards contests. (I'll be keeping receipts and records of this)

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Again, thanks to every one of you! It's a passionate fun hobby for all of us, and I'm glad we have this community.


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