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The Biggest Dire/Radiant Imbalance, from the perspective of a 2k scrub…

…is the difficulty that Dire has when side pulling.

I understand as a 2k player that my opinions are much much less valid than high level players, and I understand there's a good reason for that.

I've also read all the many many reasons people have listed for the Radiant/Dire dis/advantage, and I don't want to have too many opinions where my opinions don't belong. The isometric perspective sounds convincing, but I don't know. The Rosh advantage sounds convincing, but I don't know, because I'm a 2k scrub. And Rosh used to be on the other side and Radiant was still usually better (wasn't it???) but anyway, I don't know. The difference between the triangles sounds good too. But I don't know shit, because I'm a 2k shitter.

But speaking as a 2k pos 4/5 player, let me just weigh in on one thing that I KNOW matters because it changes my own laning stage EVERY SINGLE GAME: the most noticeable and frankly fucking frustrating reason why Radiant shits on Dire is the sheer ease of Radiant side pulls vs Dire side pulls in both the safe and off lane. Radiant's offlane side pull is both foolproof and safe; Dire's offlane side pull seems to hit a leash range JUST before where it would be easy and safe, and so it has to be done wayyyy further from tower (and closer to Radiant side) than vice versa. Radiant's own side pull in their safe lane is ludicrously easy: Dire's safelane side pull has to cut a specific tree and be much earlier, or be nearly frame perfect, or be almost at Radiants's offlane tower.

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Whenever players debate the Dire v Radiant winrate here, a common counterargument is "well, the winrate is different between high and low level DotA". But no one seems to ask low level players what they're struggling with. And I get that that's mostly because we don't even know enough to know why we're struggling, but let me tell you: we do pull, stack and side pull. We don't do it enough, or correctly, but we do try. So speaking as a low level player, let me just say that the earliest and most obvious advantage is the side pulls. If the side pulls were fixed I wouldn't mind a 5% disparity here or there. I wouldn't even notice them personally. But the obvious difference in side pulls is so bad that I, a 2K idiot, deliberately play the first ten minutes differently when I'm Dire vs Radiant. On Radiant, I bother to do side pulls; on Dire, I only do them when all the planets align, and they still usually fail.

And even if this is a comparatively small reason for the winrate disparity, it's the most ANNOYING reason because it feels like I'm being punished for learning a part of the game. I'm a support player who bothered to learn pulls. Why am I being punished for that just because I lost a coin toss?

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