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The experiment to get out of the BS trench. The results!

Content of the article: "The experiment to get out of the BS trench. The results!"

Before we start I want to bring the update of my last conduct summary: BS: 6510, Commends 16, Abandons 0, GR 6, Communication abuse 2. I was reported in 4 games out of 15. 1185 BS loss and sent to LP.

Now that we got that out of the way let's begin. I warn you this is will be a wall of text.

Roughly two and a half weeks ago I set-up to do a public experiment to prove that "One cannot get out of very low BS" based on the logic that the cycle: "player reports player->reported player goes to LP->reporting player gets his report reimbursed" is way too fast in the trench for anyone to come out. Basically the reports fly around everywhere. I will be calling this in the following as "the hypothesis".

Parameters of the experiment:

  1. Only ranked solo queue games; -> the BS system should reflect one's behavior not the type of game he plays
  2. Maintain an attitude of full PMA; -> the BS system should allow someone the chance to change his/her behavior
  3. Do not lose or gain huge amounts of MMR. -> the BS system should reflect one's behavior and not one's ability to win.
  4. Full transparency of the games. -> all games must be public and available for review

Basically I wanted to prove that the BS system not only doesn't reflect ones behavior but it also has a design flaw.

Parameters fulfilling:

  1. I played a couple of party queues but not more than 5 games. I only played ranked. Parameter fulfilled.
  2. In the first around 100 games I lost my cool in ~5 games. I mostly just complained, no real toxicity. In the last part of the experiment I constantly interacted with my team, I responded to toxicity with toxicity and I initiated discussions in the games. Parameter not fulfilled.
  3. Statistics: 86W-93L Starting MMR 3120. Current MMR 2910. Parameter fulfilled.
  4. All the games are documented on .They will be there for around 2 months when they will get deleted by twitch. I have no interest in saving them for longer so if someone wants to review them you've been warned. Parameter fulfilled.
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Statistics: 86W-93L Starting MMR 3120. Current MMR 2910

Numerical results: Starting BS: 2770. Current BS: 6510. Max BS: 7695. As you can see the hypothesis was invalidated by the experiment. I managed to gain 3870 BS (5k, if you don't count my last 10 games) in under 200 games. Note of importance: this does not mean "everyone can get out of the BS trench" as that was not the hypothesis, it just means that at least one person can. It probably means that most can get out but, again, that was not what I wanted to prove.

However, the logic of the experiment still stands: I started the experiment with 4 reports available and as I grew in BS I only got 1 extra report to use in almost 200 games. Maybe the return policy of the report is based on more than just the fact that the player you reported went to LP. Maybe you get reimbursed also if you yourself are being reported a lot. I don't know, I just know that I experienced that at higher BS reports are not as readily available as they are at lower BS. Still, although in my experience my initial logic was sound it was not a sufficient impactful factor to hold the hypothesis.

Personal observations, anecdotes, suppositions:

  1. Interacting with your team can only damage your BS. A ping to Roshan, to an enemy lane, or to an inventory item is sufficient. Talking to your team can and will be used against you. Unless you believe the risk of losing BS is worth it DO NOT TALK TO YOUR TEAM.
  2. As BS increases and MMR stays the same the skill of the players decreases. I was baffled about how much of this I experienced: Comming from 3K BS, at 7.5k BS I was feeling like a smurf. This feeling is also logical, since low BS people are at a lower MMR than they should be since they are losing more because of their griefing and toxicity and not because of their skill. This is also a lesson learned: if anyone is fixing their BS as you go up be prepared to play with worse and worse skilled players. Expect this, and do not give feedback to your team/laning partner. They will fail you more than you are used to. Also you should be going up in MMR.
  3. Toxicity is as bad at 7K BS as it is at 3K BS. The only difference is that griefing is much less evident. No tiny airways, no intentional feed of divines, etc. People still might do the occasional pos5 tide or pos3 sniper but generally everyone tries and wants to win. Worst case they stay afk at the fountain or abandon the game. Toxicity, however, is as bad as at 3K. The flaming is not as… morbid… as at 3K but it is still relentless and nauseating.
  4. Playing pos1 attracts more negativity than playing pos5. I mostly played pos5 games but I had 3 days where I played pos1. This observation might be biased by the fact that I also interacted more with my team as a pos1: as I gave instructions to my support. I shouldn't have done this. 🙂
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Next steps: the twitch channel was intended to be the platform for saving the games and making them public for review. I never intended to be a full time streamer as I do have a rl career. However, I enjoyed it very much and I will continue to stream when time allows it (holidays are soon over 🙁 ). I would like to thank those who stopped by in the chat especially to madmoon72 and lvldeath.

tl;dr: Behaviour Score trench can be overcome.


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