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The Fire [July Contest: Metamorphosis]

Name: The Fire

Layman's Lore:

Mt. Joerlak is the mythical mountain of the Magnoceros, the most beautiful yet savage creature there was. It's sudden eruption was thought to be nature being nature. However years after it has happened did the true nature of it's eruption came about. The Caldera now no more than an almost flat crater has little to no lava in it, it is dead yet in it's center lays a rock, too perfect to be one.

It was collected by rock collectors to be sold. It was brought by an aristocrat to be a part of his collection. One day it hatched, bewildered the aristocrat took care of the creature. However this is no mere pet, its savagery became apparent as is its growth. Growing exponentially and becoming more of a beast, it burned the house of the aristocrat as well as the city it is in. No one could have anticipated a creature, rivaling the strength of most eldwurms. No one is sure what happen to the creature, but one thing is certain…it is Fire, it is….Death.

The Fire is a strength melee hero whose ultimate Evolution provide his basic abilities: Ember, Jumping Slam and Bestial Roar bonuses as the ultimate is evolved. Starting from a tiny, almost harmless creature to a ferocious giant capable of dealing and withstanding damage.


The Fire will have multiple appearance through the course of the game, all dependent on evolution's level. His base appearance is a lizard like creature similar to Pokemon's Charmander with a model size on par with Hoodwink.On Evolution Level 1, he becomes somewhat similar to an Allosaur gaining the size of Level 1 Grow of tiny, this appearance is consistent until you choose which ability to take to Level 5. If it's Ember his appearance becomes something like Godzilla, If Jumping Slam it'll be King Kong minus the ape face and it's Bestial Roar he'll be like Venusaur but instead of a plant it's a Volcano, all of these will increase his size by 100%.Upon getting the Scepter, his Level 5 Ember form will now also spikes on it, his Level 5 Jumping Slam form will have two additional arms and Level 5 Bestial Roar gives him and extra volcano opening, these changes however are only active when upon casting their respective abilities.

It will have a unique animation upon going to level 6 where an egg will always drop on it's death place, it does nothing on it's respawn location and is purely cosmetic

Role:Nuker, Tank
Strength:25+ 2.8
Intelligence :20 + 2
Agility :11 + 1
Movement Speed:290
Armor :
Damage at Level 1:55-61
Attack Range:350
Attack Time:1.7

Q: Ember, Unit Target | Channeled

CD: 15 Mana: 125/135/145/155

Breaths flame against a unit dealing damage per second to the target and any enemy in it's line of fire.

Damage TypeMagical
Damage Per Second60/70/80/90
Cast Range500
Break Distance550
Crossfire AOE250
Max Channel Time5/6/7/8

W: Jumping Slam, Target Area

CD: 15/14/13/12 Mana: 120/130/140/150

Jumps in towards an area, dealing damage in an AOE where he lands.

Damage TypeMagical
Cast Range500/600/700/800

E: Bestial Roar, No Target

CD:25/22/18/15 Mana: 60/90/120/150

Roars in an AOE which fears creeps and reduces the damage output of enemy heroes affected and caught in the AOE

Fear Duration1.3/1.6/1.9/2.2
Damage Output Reduction20%/24%/29%/32%
Damage Output Reduction Duration4/5/6/7

R: Evolution, Passive

The Fire evolves into a more ferocious form giving him various passive effects for his abilities and for himself.

On Level 1: He becomes twice as big and instead of being on all fours he can now walk on two hind legs, passively giving him bonus flat movement speed and Health.

On Level 2: His skin cracks and fire starts to appear on them, this gives bonus damage per second on all of his attacks and spells + previous bonuses. When attacking the DPS last 3 seconds

On Level 3: He over heats and now radiate a damaging AOE attack that deal damage per second + previous bonuses. Upon leveling up as well he gets to choose which ability to take to a Level 5.

Ember: It is renamed to Flame Thrower and gains bonus Cast Range and will inflict afterburn damage dealing damage per seconds which can be spread between allies if they stand 200 radius around the target.

Jumping Slam: Renamed to Tectonic Fire, causes an eruption dealing damage and launching enemies caught for 1.6 seconds. Upon landing they are weakened reducing their status resistance for 5 seconds.

Bestial Roar: Renamed to Eruption, upon roaring a well as the current effect, Causes lava to rain wherever he goes dealing damage per second and slowing by 35%. The Rain lasts 5 seconds

Bonus Movement Speed20
Bonus HP250
Bonus DPS on Attacks40
Bonus AOE DPS45
Ember Bonus Cast Range500
Ember Afterburn Damage10
Ember Afterburn Spread AOE200
Jumping Slam Eruption Damage240
Jumping Slam Air Time1.6
Jumping Slam Status Resistance Reduction15%
Bestial Roar Lava Damage Per second50

Aghanim's Scepter:

Evolution: Provides a 4th Evolution. This evolution and it's form depends on the ability chosen to be upgraded to Level 5

Ember: The Fire is now able to reduce incoming physical damage by 30% and return it back in a damaging shockwave dealing the reduced damage in a 500 AOE while channeling the ability

Jumping Slam: Upon a successful jump, The Fire's next attack now grabs an enemy and slam it to the ground dealing double his current base damage

Bestial Roar: The Fire now also explodes further and cover a 600 AOE around him with volcanic dust and ash giving his allies who are in the AOE 27% evasion chance.

Aghanim's Shard:

Ember: The Fire can now move and cast spells while channeling it, however he is still disarmed during the channel.


25:+500 AOE Jumping Slam+30% Spell Life Steal
20:Ember Target Buildings+300 Bonus HP Evolution
15:+2.5 Mana Regen+60 damage
10:+6 strength+20 movement speed

Author's Notes:

So this is my entry for the july contest, The Fire. Heavily inspired by Pokemon I tried to be a bit more creative with the transformation and all rather than a linear path.

Feedback is always welcome


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