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The Invoker Null Talisman myth (why Wraith Bands may be better)

Content of the article: "The Invoker Null Talisman myth (why Wraith Bands may be better)"

When I see Invoker players, (even the best of the best like Sumiya), they usually start off with Mantle, 2x Circlet, Branch, and Faerie Fire, and end up upgrading both to Null (at least most of the time). I used to do this also until literally the last time I played the hero because I thought nothing of it. Sometimes I would go for Wraithbands or bracers but my default choice would be Null Talismans.

Then a couple of days ago I got to play a 1v1 mid with a top 200 player, and he told me that I should not be getting nulls, but rather crown or something else instead.

That got me thinking, and I did some very simple calculations.

With the "normal" starting items, (the one above that I'm pretty sure most Invoker players including me go for), you get 7 INT which is 7 damage for voker. If you end up upgrading both to Null by spending 565 gold, all you get is 3 more INT and a bit of spell amp and mana regen. But the loss of the +3 INT, Spell Amp and Mana Regen are negligible and here is why.

If you get 2 Wraith Bands, you lose 3 damage, but you get 10 Attack Speed and 3 Armor.

I honestly did not bother doing any precise Spell Amp calculations with 2 Nulls, but assuming the Invoker would be level 5 or 6 (around the time you would have 2 Nulls with no other stat items), you would get around 50 more damage from your spells. I'm pretty sure the 10 attack speed will actually grant you bigger damage done overall, not to mention CSing, and 3 armor is also very very good..

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Also, you would get Mana Regen from your Orchid components (if you go for it), and you will be using many clarities and mangoes anyway. Even if you don't go orchid after your Midas, you will be getting some item that will boost your mana pool (treads, force, euls, aghanims, drums, literally anything).

The +3 INT is also negligible because of the Robes of the Magi that you will buy before Orchid (but this is of course assuming you will build Orchid). But honestly, I think loss of 3 damage at any stage that is not level 1 is not very significant, especially because you have attack speed gain from Wraith Band.

I might be overvaluing Wraith Band because I think armor and attackspeed is very good early game, but after thinking over and over again I think Wraith Bands (or crown or bracer or whatever) have more benefits than 2x Null Talisman.

I think the only reason you would get 2 Null is if you really need the Spell Amp because your game is going bad and the only way to get kills is through sunstrike. But if you are in a position to get kills in your lane, I'm sure 2x WB will do more damage overall.

Let me know what you guys think, maybe I overlooked something if people weren't doing this until now.

TLDR: Don't waste your money on Null Recipes, Wraithband bonuses are more useful for Invoker. (but please read, its really not very long)


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