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The New Neutral Items, what’s the best and what’s the worst?

Content of the article: "The New Neutral Items, what’s the best and what’s the worst?"

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I have not seen much talk about the items yet so I wanted to make a video about it. There is no quicker way to trigger me than teammates who don't take neutral items (very rare at my level now but still common among low MMR students) or when my team takes inefficient items.

Here is the criteria for rating items.
Wide appeal: Items with wide appeal gain points because it can be used effectively by most heroes. For example this just happened to me. I hate when my ember spirit takes the quickening charm instead of the mindbreaker. I, the support Jakiro or whatever, can use the quickening charm but I can't really use the mindbreaker. When you take a wide appeal item as a core and force the support to keep using arcane ring at 35 minutes, in my opinion you're using neutral items poorly.

Strength relative to other neutrals: This is the big one. The bottom line is a free item is never bad but strength is all relative. Something has to be the worst and something has to be the best. Everything will have situations that will make it look good at some point but when those situations are far and few between, that's a bad item. When you have one of those situational items, like Psychic Headband, you must be actively looking for situations to make it strong.

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Popularity: Lastly, the public decides. Everyone wants jelly. Very few people wanted craggy coat when that was in the game. Items that frequently end up collecting dust therefore must be overall worse items if the playerbase refuses to use them.

The video is timestamped and every item rating is explained. I actually would like to know your opinions on the new items and am not just saying that to farm comments. I have not seen a tierlist on them yet and even old tierlists for neutral were often bad because they would judge items on pure value and not within their own tiers.


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