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The nothl realm: What exactly isn’t not all this opposite stuff, anyway?

The story today starts with nullifier. The item essentially negates the effects of any buffs when applied to an enemy. Beneath the image, the item description reads, "A dangerous weapon pilfered from an inverse dimension".

Ok, the most interesting thing here are the last two words. An inverse dimension? That sounds familiar. Supposedly, the nothl realm is supposed to turn everything into its opposite. What's more, dazzle has purple hues and huskar is a bluish gray. The nothl realm turning things associated with it purple explains dazzle and huskar's unnatural colors, and it also further links nullifier, which is also purple, to the nothl realm. All this so far I'm pretty much 100 percent sure on, that is- the inverse dimension that nullifier comes from is the shadow realm.

Time to decrypt the rest of the description. If it was pilfered, that implies that someone originally owned it, and then someone took it from them. Who exactly resides in the nothl realm? A side theory at the end of my last post on Dark Seer's lore ( states that Buluphont, a warrior of Dark Seer's race, resides in the Nothl realm, teaching huskar his inner fire magic. But while this seems at first to be a tempting theory, remember that the pointy purple men use their mental strength to manipulate the fundamental forces of nature. If even one of their high ranking generals, the Dark Seer we know, fights unarmed, the regular soldiers likely have no weapons either.

Huskar once returned with the wing of a dragon from the nothl, implying he had slain a dragon in his trip.

Inai, the void celestial, claims to know all the secrets of the nothl realm in one of his voicelines.

And one last thing we know is that the energies that seep from the nothl are not exclusive to the Dezun Order area where Dazzle and Huskar hail from.

According to the Delights of Petaluna dazzle set, there is a species of insect in the Fellstrath Jungle that feed off of nothl realm energies, cutting holes to the nothl and letting energies seep out. Since the fellstrath jungle is near Ashkavor, where the oriental themed Grimstroke story takes place, and Dazzle and Huskar have more of a native American Inca/Aztec theme, it's somewhat safe to say that the Fellstrath jungle and the home of the Dezun order are a fair ways apart. And to me, that implies that the nothl realm can be accessed and can influence the terrene plane in pretty much all areas of the world.

And that brings me to Abbadon. Are we really supposed to believe that a magic rock just HAPPENS to be spewing out mist that gives regular people superpowers? What's more, they are nothl themed powers. Take his obvious ultimate- damage has an opposite effect. Aphotic shield is also nothl related- like how nullifier negates buffs by reversing them and having the two cancel each other out, aphotic shield negates all damage. Mist coil represents true mastery over the nothl- at the cost of his own health, he can heal an ally- or he can apply the opposite, and damage an enemy. His passive silence and slow effect comes from the power of his sword, but even that in a way is nothl related- a movement speed decrease, applied at the same time as attack speed increases on the target. And a silence to negate spells. The font of Avernus draws power from the nothl realm, and expels it in the form of mist. Individuals who come in contact with the mist gain unnatural powers.

In abbadon's bio, it states that he would meditate in the vapors of the font instead of training with a sword, learning its secrets. And of those secrets, we just uncovered one of them: the mist is energy from the Nothl. During abbadon's meditations, he would project his spirit into the nothl, turning him purple and giving him a deeper understanding of the secrets of the nothl realm. Also, abbadon claims that he serves the mist; he doesn't command it. That implies that the nothl is sentient, and has an agenda.

We also know that the nothl accepts sacrifices. In fact, huskar intended to be one of them. Who else collects souls? Shadow fiend. Sf is a puppet collecting souls for his unknown master in one of the layers of hell.

Shadow demon and the other demons also collect souls to eat. Souls and sacrifices are sought after in hell. And supposedly, the nothl is where dezun sacrifices and defeated foes go.. Could it be that the nothl realm is one of the layers of hell? And when you get there, you aren't given eternal life among the gods, but instead you are consumed and killed? The dezun order is a setup by demons to trick people into sending their souls to the nothl after death?

This finally explains nullifier: in the image, it appears to not only be a weapon, but a cruel, spiked, weirdly shaped weapon. A torture device, even. It would not be out of place to find one of these in hell, and abbadon, on one of his projection trips, stole it and brought it back. And this in turn brings us to the will of the mist: abbadon is to send as many souls of his foes as he can to the nothl.


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