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The Only Way To Roam Dawnbreaker



Hello there it's been a while.
Hope everyone has been having a good time with 7.29, i sure have so it's time for another guide!

I've been playing Dawnbreaker quite a lot as of lately. She's reminding me of one of the few League heroes that i actually love a lot which is Riven. So naturally i've been spamming her and after approximately 60 games i can say with confidence what her strenghts and weaknesses as a pos 4 are.

For This Guide there will also be a Steam / Ingame guide with additional tips:
Valora Ingame Guide

Also Dotabuff for anyone that is interessted: Valora Dotabuff Page

Ontop of that the Patch has been everything i wanted. Map changes and roaming buffs were on top of that list which both got massively buffed. With my playstyle more viable I've been able to reach new personal goals with things that i enjoy.

As of now we're sitting at around 8.5k gaining a big portion of that mmr with Dawnbreaker. So enough about the Preguide stuff and actually get into the meat of things.

In short Dawnbreaker is a Short Range Follow-Up Tank. With very versatile build and high base damage output.

Works very well togheter with any Initiator (like Legion, Tide, Centaur) or as a shield for backline offlaners (like Veno, Dazzle, Mirana)

She struggles the most against hard save

There is an Ingame guide with short descriptions on when sertain items are good. but the overall spell Lvling and talent choices are universal. we're mainly going to talk about positioning and Laning / Spell usage in this post. Since most items are usable I will only showcase some of the builds a bit better and not every single item.

Dawnbreaker Base Model


Not only does Dawns base model look really nice she's also another stat beast both in her stat gain aswell as her base stats. In terms of frontline heroes goes she's on par with Tusk and Earth Spirits tankiness which is great. it lets you play very aggresive with little fear of getting overpowered.

She is able to use Q 5 times without mana items lvl 1, she's very tanky and hits hard making boots a valuable starting build. To top if all off she already moves fairly quick. Overall she's not lacking anything from a lvl 1 perspective which is great. that is a sign for a good support with limited networth. with that we're also going to take a quick look onto her spells

Dawnbreaker Abilities


Dawnbreakers abilities are easiely dodged and cancelled, however they are very strong in their dmg output. Making Valora not that easy to play. There are a few tricks to help you land your spells though.

Standard Skill build on pos 4 (Celestial Hammer has the best scaling)

Starbreaker (Q):

Her Q is the stronger lvl 1 spell, it doesn't say but being hit by Starbreaker slows for 100% for a short period of time. making it much easier to land when they are running away. next to that it's importand to know that your final attack is quite further away from your starting position.

it's extremly easy to miss if the enemy is hugging you. You want to stand on max attack range whenever you use it or wait until your target starts running away.

next to that it's just importand to get used to the forward movement. it can break trees so using it behind trees is a good way to suprise someone. however keep in mind, you get stuck if the terrain elevation changes. This ability does not give you free pathing only tree cutting. so make sure you walk all the way around stairs if you want to continue moving foward while attacking with your Q otherwhise there is a likely chance that you get stuck unable to follow up.

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(P.S it isn't in the tooltip however bonus dmg from Starbreaker does not work on creeps.)

you move 215 units forward and your final attack has aprox 200 radius

Celestial Hammer (W):

Dawnbreakers only high range ability. it has arround the hitbox of Powershot with some additional rules. The spell does 2x damage once on toss and once on pull. leaving a trail both where the hammer moves and where Dawnbreaker moves. Fairly simple.

However the second damage instance is only applied where the hammer touches. meaning you do get the damage of the fire trail if you dash through an enemy however they recieve no secondary hammer damage ontop of it. So keep that in mind you want the hammer to touch your target on both ways.

if you cannot position yourself correctly you can always wait until the hammer returns automatically if you do not not need the dash for gapclose. (you can however also activate converge while the hammer is also flying back you which reduces the dash distance but if it lets you get the secondary damage instace it can be worth it).

same for depushing lanes with hammer, using the auto return is slower however much safer since you do not move towards the wave, you can stand far back while it does it's thing. On max lvl it also almost fully kills a wave (425 dmg total). A good way to defend towers.

Firetrail will follow Dawnbreaker however dashing through an enemy makes you miss secondary hammer damage. good for escaping bad for min-max dmg output.

outside of tower defense and sometimes clashing there is no real reason to not dash towards your hammer. it can be nice not to use it but on average you want to use this ability as a forward dash. since it's your main gap-close ability.

The hammer has another use yet, its ability to cut trees. really good with the changes to the area around towers. with 1 good swing you can get rid of almost all trees that would cover your Tp. Not only that but the landing of the hammer gives you fading vision until the hammer starts moving again. good for checking rosh or checking for hill wards.

The Treecutting is around 50 units bigger than the hammer damage instace which is very good for siege vision clear.

Hammer vision for dewarding.

With that said we got the most interessting ability covered in it's useages.

Luminosity (E):

Dawnbreakers passive is an easy one. It does additional damage and heals. Importand to know is that the heal infact is lifesteal even the spread heal for allies. technically counts as lifesteal. now why is that importand?

Lifesteal uses damage recieved for its heal value. meaning hitting a 0 armor unit for 100 dmg gives more healing than hitting a 10 armor unit for 100 dmg. In addition her healing is amplified with Sange but not with Holy Locket.

Next to that, Starbreakers AOE attack does infact lifesteal and crit on every unit hit when Luminosity is proced.

Solar Guardian (R):

Dawnbreakers ultimate also has very little to add. It's a global teleport with a heal/dmg over time and a stun/burst upon landing. Interessting to know though, is that you have 300 cast range around your ally to ajust your landing location + Solar Guardians heal is amplified by Holy Locket and not Sange.

Also importand is, yes Solar Guardian can be cast ontop of yourself for the heal and damage.

Adjustable Tp around hero

With that we got through Dawnbreakers spells. She has interessting utility and i really enjoy what they did with her. Now a quick look into gameplay and some strong items.

Dawnbreaker Decision Making


Laning Stage:

Laning stage is Dawnbreakers prime. she is a very high damage bully. that loves to take a 1v1 fight with the enemy pos 5. Turning the offlane into a 1v1 last hitting matchup while you're dealing with the pos 5 is usally a strong play. however the kill potential on Dawn is very high on lvl 1-3. Making it very easy to get a pick-off with any sort of help from your position 3.

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In Terms of positioning. you want to stand on the treeline towards the pull camp and keep pull control. (eather make sure you can pull or deny the enemies pull). From that default position you can very easiely move towards their carry for additional harassment or even a kill.

most favourable default position. Zoning their 5 towards his pull camp while having access to move behind the enemy carry.

During laning it is also importand to at very latest help mid at 6 min. (first power rune spawns at that point Dawn is fast and can very easiely turn the rune control into a midlane kill aswell). Sometimes leaving the lane for rune control isn't the right move. usally if your offlaner is close to the enemy tower or low hp you might be unable to leave him alone.

Breaking up Laning / Sieging

When it seems as if the laning phase is about to end or you feel unneeded on the offlane. Dawn is a good ganker. Teleporting to lanes is very costly in this patch however bringing Dawn to other lanes can very easiely add lots of pressure. All you need is to get the Celestial Hammer Slow onto your Target and it should result into an easy kill.

In terms of sieging. You shouldn't hit the tower unless you're uncontested, standing behind the sieger and ready to counter engage is most of the time better as clumping up during a push is bad. On top of that Dawns moves are very predictable if she's being focused. Making it even better to stand behind someone else as it allows you to hit your full combo with a much greater chance.

Mid / Late Game

In later stages where moving togheter is very common there are 2 overall gameplans that you can follow as Dawn.

  1. Follow your Team and be part of smoke ganks / stay behind cores while they push waves or farm.
  2. Split from your team and defend towers of even push sidelanes that are far away from the enemies objective.

Dawn is both great at protecting by just standing ready nearby or as your split pusher / defender. She can instantly tp follow up if something happens making her very valueable when dealing with splitpush. You can make sure a teamfight gets forced while being at full strenght in the fight. much like a Spectre.

If you're running with your Team. Dawn offers strong damage follow up with less delay than having to start your fight with Solar Guardian. So not splitting from your team is not bad for Dawn. It lets you do damage faster. No need to worry thinking your game is going poorly because you can split. it's not an necessity of Dawn but rather an added bonus.

For broad tactics there is not much more to point out. for summaries sake though:

  1. Dawn is a strong laner that can also rotate with high kill potential.
  2. She should be ready to follow up with her damage combo during pick offs (stay far forward)
  3. With her strong stat gain you should always try to position yourself inbetween your front and backline. being an additional shield for your backliners versus jumpers.
  4. Valora can be a global safe and strong depusher / sidelane pressure with her global presence

Valora Itemisation


Now to the final point. Since this guide is already quite long. We're going to keep it simple with some build demonstrations that work really well on the hero and are affordable for pos 4.

Starting Builds:

There are 2 Starting builds that i prefer. Boots Tangoes or OoV + Regen and a sentry. The non Boots build is better versus meele supports that you know want to fight you. where as Boots works the best versus ranged pos 5's.

Versus Ranged the additional movement speed helps to get on top of them fast. With the additional regen though it's better versus meeles since you have more mana and hp to work with. making consistent trading more favorable.

Non Boots starting build. Can replace Mango + Tango with a salve aswell.

Early Game Builds:

In the early game there are a decent bunch of transitions my two most common one are.

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Wand Basilius into Holy Locket.

Phase Rush into Hood

So Holy Locket build is good. if you know you're not going to be the damage dealer. All you have to do is stay alive. Making locket a super good item. it's stats are insanely high and help with both team sustain aswell as self heal. The Locket Build will transition into Aura Dawn.

Where as the Phase Build is the offensive approach. resoluting in more selfish itemisation usally. Making sure you can tank all the damage and also kill on your own.

Full Build Transition

Those 2 routes on average turn into 3 diffrent builds that i play a lot.

Become as Tank

Aura Build: close range support build

You can exchange the vlads with any team item you might need (Solars, Force, Pipe, Crimson, etc.)
the only thing that you have to go for is Mek. the value of Holy Mek is so big. The only reason not to follow up with a mek after building locket is if your team has a Guardian Greaves buyer already.

F*** Magic

Anti-Mage Build if you're greedy Hood into Mage.

Unironically i belive Mage Slayer is a midgame support item. It can be applied with your Q aswell as you're in the fight making it pretty easy to proc onto the correct target. The stats from this build is heaviely layed out against magic damage. It is my go to build to stop (Lesh, Bristle, Timber, Venomancer, Storm, Morph)

Procing the Mage onto those heroes drastically reduces their damage output. Combining the Mage with a Pipe will give you around 80%/90% magic resistance. which makes you immortal vs those funny casters.

Offensive Close Range

Balanced Offensive build

This is the more natural approach. It allows you to fight, it is more selfish but serves it's purpose. Drums Phase, Corrosion. Lets you apply a lot of pressure early on with a slower transition into a Bkb for late game brawls. I did not play this style too often. However the games i did it felt alright.

Notable Items

I listed all the items I like on Dawn inside the guide with most having some sort of describtion attached to it. However I am not a fan of strict builds. If you feel like needing mana but i personally do not buy too many clarities / arcanes or other sources of mana. don't be shy to ajust my guide to something more fitting for your own playstyle.

However those builds presented in here are the ones that i usally end up with in my 60 games of Dawn. So take it as is.

Ending Words


It's been a while since i made a guide like this. I'm happy that i managed to write one again. It is a lot of fun just time consuming. I usally write them in one sitting as soon as i have a rough idea what i want to do xd.

Eather way I am streaming daily if you want to see live gameplay of Dawn or want to just hang out.

Aswell since we're already down here the Link for the Ingame guide again:
Valora Ingame Guide

aaaaand the dotabuff of my current Dawnbreaker games: Valora Dotabuff Page

We do have a Support Faceless Void guide planned. Maybe some other stuff aswell but for now I hope you will enjoy what i have to say about the new hero.

Thanks a lot for reading you've been wonderful and have a good night

(It's 3 Am on me finishing the guide so expect responses later in the day)


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