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The Only Way To Support/Roam Outhouse Decorator

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Good Evening.
New year new roamers (or support in this manner). Today on the menu of up and comming supports is the hero people thought to be dead our good boy Outsorced Demonstrator. Though many thought that OD got utterly dumbstered by the recent changes. I infact just think that he got a role swap.

Much like Sven and Luna a year prior. suddenly very strong as a support but trash as a core.
This time a friend got convinced and started playing it aswell which makes writing this Guide both easier and more versatile since he is mainly a pos 5 player.

To start this is a detailed post the In-Game Guide which gives you the basic jizt of things if you want to skip it OD Support Ingame Guide otherwhise in this Reddit Thread we'll look into the reasons why he's strong as a support and lackluster as a core. next to that some additional stats. with the topics being:

  • Overall Performance of OD Sup vs Core
  • Spell Strenght and Usage / Gameplay
  • Item Build and Skill/Talent Build


Overall Performance Subjective view Core vs Support OD

This time it wasn't only me that played OD a friend of mine was immidiatly convinced aswell. Not only that Leamare head of Spectral.GG (stats site for exlusively Immortal games) showed me some interessting Data about OD.

First off our personal experience with OD. Both me and Drynx seen core OD in action whilst playing it in the same game pos 4 or 5. we keep those short just for a general diffrence showcase.
Core OD's
When seeing OD as a core he will do great in lane. Since his lanning pressure with the changes to Q have been massively improved. However in terms of itemisation it always feels like there is a lack of powerspike. Whenever OD gets another item it feels really unimpactfull. outside of the initiall Aghs rush or Meteor Hammer.

The Defining Right Click OD gets his first spike so late into the game because of how you have to scale the hero (requiers Mana and Attack Speed for dmg while having 0 Farming spells) thats a problem. It means that your OD who's doing well or even better vs the enemy core. is automatically going to lose late game just by being outfarmed so easiely.

Support OD's
In Terms of support OD both me and Drynx have the viewpoint that his Spells work very well both during Laning aswell as in the transition to team movement (Sieges, Pick-Offs and Teamfights)

While Laning:
OD has a big sustain dmg output much like an Enchantress or a Lich. The changes to his Q made it so you cannot run out of Mana which lets you trade with a decent amount of bonus Pure Dmg. outside of that Imprisson helps you with setup if you have a Centaur or the likes to get a guranteed stun. while also doing an additional amount of Dmg.

During Teammovement:
OD's Range of spells even without aghs or aether have a very good cast range and his spell strenght is very high. Even in burst fights OD can dish out a decent amount of damage and utility, the longer you fight though the more your Ult becomes a threat. next to that OD gives you both Offensive and Defensive support.

Considering Euls scepter is one of the most bought items in the game. OD comes built in with one. that does more Damage aswell as locks people away for longer with the additional bonus of having the utility of saving allies directly.

In our experience we felt useful in all sorts of Game Movements. no matter if the game was played fast or slow.

If you want to see our Performance on OD or watch a replay. Our Dotabuffs are linked here. This leads us to the next view point the Analytic side of OD atm.

Dotabuff for OD 4

Dotabuff for Mainly OD 5


Overall Performance Objective view Core vs Support OD

As already mentioned on Spectral.GG are stats purely seen for Immortal play with additional filters. which is importand to compare a heroes performance on diffrent roles. the Ingame stats are far too in accurate you can only say OD bad.

but when Leamare told me that at the beginning of 7.28 OD already had a much better performance on support vs core it made me interessted in the hero and analyzed him a bit further.

and as it is now in the last report on Hero winrate on position (CTRL + F type Outworld to see his stats) there were:

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– TOTAL of 1031 matches

  • Mid: 896 matches played with a 33.15% winrate
  • Safelane 24 matches with a 33.3% winrate
  • Offlane 28 matches with a 25.00% winrate
  • Support: 83 matches with a 44.58% winrate

Now at first these Stats might be, well the hero is still bad end of the story. However even though support is only played 10% of the time compared to mid the apperantly most viable position for OD. The hero already has a 12% higher winrate.
If you dig deeper in terms of Item builds. Any build that plays around Right click OD reduces his winrate. most impactful one Midas. Theoretically it fixes OD issues, attack speed for more Orb attacks and a farming tool. however that item reduces his win chance upon buying by 10%!
In terms of most bought items the ones with the biggest winrate increases are on the caster side.

Winrate of Items bought on OD sorted by Ranking(Best fitting item to OD)

Two of the Main items for OD as a caster which are Aghs and Aether. With Aether giving a massive winrate increase looking at the purchase ratio it would only be a portion of the Mid OD builds but very likely a big portion of the Support OD purchases. Looking at this list we also see. that not a single right click focused item is shown.
All the right click focused Items are ranked underneath the heavy caster items which confirms that a Core/Right Click focused OD struggles in it's current form. but the Caster one does well. however primarily even better on support.

With the Stats and experiences out of the way. what does make OD a good support? That we need to explain the spells and gameplay of OD


Spell Usage and Gameplay

OD is a tanky medium range caster. which can right clicks pretty hard. thats the general idea of the hero. Now tanky medium range is actually something very fitting for a 4/5 such as other heroes like Mirana, Tusk, Undying and the likes fit into. Good Stats and Utility for the team.

In Term of Laning OD has really strong base Stats aswell as Statgrowth. Which makes him good as a Trader, Od's basemodel wins versus alot of heroes especially excelerating in poking but why is that?

Arcane Orb got changed to have unlimited usage because of it being %mana consumption so it is always useable which is a huge laning stage buff. you cannot run out of mana. Next to that the Dmg numbers are Static. which means lvl 1 vs lvl 4 Arcane orb only has cooldown diffrence. another big buff for support as a value point in lane it is now abuseable in a similar fashion as AA, BH, Ench with guranteed harassment determined by CD.

Astral Imprisonment Got changed to be a single Target spell again with fixed cast range, which is a huge buff for support. The Spell also got changed to give OD a % of the enemies mana pool. It is the only basicspell that really scales on OD in terms of leveling it. which is good that means at lvl 7 you hit your big powerspike which alot of supports strive for. Levels Decrease CD, increase mana steal and Dmg + Imprison duration.

Essence Flux % mana back per spell used it gives you more mana with the same chance on lvling. However it doesn't matter considering you have a spell that you can proc at all times. the only thing this does is making it more guranteed that your Q hits do more damage. 1-2 Value point is also very strong, further points feel very underwhelming.

Sanity's Eclipse self scaling spell through the mana steal of Imprisonment. while having decent base dmg. It's scaling is both provided by your mana purchases aswell as the stealing of mana. (40% mana diffrence increase through a single Imprisonment). With the Self scaling a big portion of it's damage output is actually not dependant on your items. which is another benefit for the Support OD. this spell is nuts with or without items if you use it on a target with alot of mana diffrence to you.

Overall OD scales well without any Items since 2 of his Damage abilities do not care about attack speed but only for the support friendly mana scaling. Most support items have a mana component in it. which increases OD's damage drastically 100mana is 40 more damage for Sanity's and 16 more damage for Arcane Orb. So Items like Aghs, Aether, Force and so on all give you big to small damage increase while also giving your team better utility.

Right click focused items come short since you cannot scale attack speed well on this hero while also increases his survivability and mana pool.

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So the Gameplay of sitting in the middle of the fight, tanking damage and occasionally hitting with your orb which does alot of damage if you focus on mana items (just wont hit that frequent) combined with the no item requiered scaling of W and R makes OD a very good hero even if he doesn't have items. just in terms of Damage output and scaling. (mainly looked at through the support lens)

so it's now importand to discuss.

How To Play Support OD

it is fairly simple in terms of Laning Stage:

Standard Skill Build

LvL 1 Orb is the highest dmg spell OD has. You may ask well you cannot get your mana back. however the first attack with Orb does 55 Pure Dmg, second does 45, 40, and at around your 5th attack you will start hovering around 30 pure dmg. until you get Essence Flux.

Then your Damage goes steadly back up again. making you hover around a min of 35 pure dmg per attack ontop of your right click dmg. Keep in mind you do this all 4 Seconds. and at lvl 3 you will have your astral just keep in mind that you need 120 mana when reaching lvl 3 to instantly start to astral eather their support or their core.

and that is basically laning done. OD is very fast and Tanky just as a base model. so hit and run all 4 seconds will burn the enemy out. it also lets you easiely contest pulls since you just out beef almost any support in the game. and if they're beefier they are usally slower than you making it even easier to win trades. The only thing that stops an OD from running you down in lane are heavy stuns with damage follow up or stronger burst fighters (such as Shaman).

Now the obvious question why not go Astral lvl 1 though? So compared in it's dmg output and build up there are 2 major flaws. Astral has flat mana cost, which means you can run out of mana combined with the fact that this spell has 24s cd and does only 120dmg. that is the same time in which you could hit someone up to 6 times. doing around 220 / 150 pure dmg instead.

Next to that. Essence Flux is a must have on lvl 2 for mana sustain. thus it is impossible to have a strong damage build if you go for pre lvl 3 Astral. it is the best scaling spell OD has yes. but it is also The Worst lvl 1 spell.

Item whise since OD is so Tanky natrually there is only 1 build that makes a hit and runner viable. that is…

Boots Tangoes baby. (or Windlace 2x tangoes on 5)

The Fact that OD has infinite mana supply and really good base stats. makes more movements speed the best option. he doesn't need any early game items. only Wand into anything big basically.

Out of Laning (as a 5 maybe consider rushing glimmer or force instead of aether)

Point Booster is a big item. it's 100 more dmg on your Ult and if max mana an additional 48pure dmg. Stat wise OD is already pretty beefy at this stage. the Tranq are to keep your Hp up. if you are low on mana try hitting some creeps till you get an essence Flux proc. (good to have lvl 2 essence rather than lvl 2 Aracne orb at lvl 8 just for the chance of getting more mana back efficently)

Standard Core Build (Aether is replaceable with any utility support item)

Outside of this you would usally go for the Standard Aether into Aghs. it is a very high Dmg and a good utility build. However this is standard. anything that gives mana or gives utility is worth buying. Aslong as it's cost is in the reach of a non creep farmer pos 4/5.

so anything from Holy Locket, Force, Euls to non mana items like Glimmer or mana consuming items like Mek are very good on OD if bought in the right scenario. Those are hard to explain and not worth for this topic here.

Standard Talent Choices

In terms of Talents it is fairly simple. take the ones that make you Tankier. If there is very little physical Dmg. Take the 250 mana it is a free energy booster. thats alot of additional dmg.

Outside of that only 1 topic remains.


Team Movement

OD in sieges will now mainly play around W and R. You cannot right click reliably in this stage and you shouldn't go out of position anymore. If someone jumps into your range attack, otherwhise stand back for saving or counter initiation. Do not overextend and be carefull to not make your ally vulnrable with a defensive Imprioson, Usally Imprison the Jumper not your Ally being jumped in that regard (unless he is stunned in which you basically nedigate the stun with dmg immunity).

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If it Turns into a Teamfight in normal situations it's the same, except you can put the focus on imprissoning the most annoing hero in the enemy team (they have a Ember or Void jumping around, remove them from the game and make your backline stronger, they have a Troll or a Wraith King manfighting your carry and he's losing, just get rid of him) overall. OD's strenght will come in a real fight. make it a 4vs5 as long as possible, in these kind of scirmishes you should also be able to get into right click range if you're a 4 or if you are a close range draft even as a 5.

Keep Astral ready incase they have big spells to counter initiate such as Black Hole, Chrono, Rp, Storm Zipping and commiting on someone, you can completly nedigate burst damage by buying time. if that isn't needed using Astral as often as possible on enemies to increase your mana pool is the strongest play. overall sometimes click but again heavy focus on W and R.

In the last occasion the Pick off's OD can initiate it by giving a Blink canceling setup. however if alot of enemies are nearby during a smoke gank you shouldn't start. since you do buy 4s of reaction time to the enemy. which makes it bad to initiate like this when the chance is there that a teamfight bursts out. However for Pick off's you're usally able to use 1 / 2 right clicks and your Ult. which is around 700 to 1k dmg on average. The Strenght here is not as good as real pick off heroes. however you give the utility of Catch, since you are basically a euls setup.

It can ruin your gank attempt if you imprisson someone and you are suddenly being jumped by the enemy while clumping up ontop of the prison. So be careful with your W usage in smoke or rotiation attempts.


Ending Words

Thats basically all I have to say about OD in it's current form. I am very confident that he is just overtaking a role switch. his support strenght are really high and his core strenghts are mediocre at best.

Next to that Thanks for Reading till here. More guides to come. I am currently in my new appartment with no internet so no Streams for around a week but afterwards we'd be back on

The Guide again is also available ingame on Steam OD Support Guide

Thanks very much for sticking around and see you guys another time again stay strong and a happy 2021 AYAYA.


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