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The resources, guides and links on this subreddit are all woefully outdated

When someone is new to Dota 2 and wants to broaden their understanding of the game, get more involved with the community or simply access guides and tips, they often come here to the official subreddit. That is how I got a lot more involved in Dota 2, more than just playing the game.

I went through all sections that a new player might need to educate themselves about the game and scene in general, three main sections: Resources, FAQ and Guides. These 3 have tons of improvements needed, which is why I'm making this post.


Twitter: This links to the twitter account of r/dota2 which basically mirrors any post that reaches the front page of this subreddit. But it doesn't even include a link to the official Twitter of Dota 2.

Games to watch: This page doesn't even have the great games from 2019. It has only been updated to 2018.

Patch thread archive: This page only shows you posts by SirBelvedere, Magesunite and Cyborgmatt, all of whom don't post update threads any more. The newest post on this page is over 1 and a half years old.

More resources: This one was really baffling. First, it takes you to the guides page on the new reddit. Second, this link cannot be found anywhere on the new reddit anyway, only on the old reddit. So players specifically looking for guides will not be able to find it either way.


When it comes to the rules of the subreddit, everything is fine. But when it comes to actually helping new players, so much shit is outdated.

New to Dota: This tab on the new reddit will only take you to a specific section of the FAQ, which already has its dedicated link on the new reddit. This should be changed to the guides page which does not have a link anywhere on the new reddit.

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Reddit's Dota 2 Hero Discussions: The newest post here is almost a year old. The item discussions link also leads to you a page where the newest thread is over a year old.

A new spectator's introduction to Dota: The thread this links to is over 6 years old. While it doesn't have any major mistakes, it is still outdated in regards to several points.

Welcome to Dota, You Suck 2 and Purge teaches Dota 2 basics: Both of these links are outdated/lead you to a blank page. Its highly possible this is because Purge was hacked recently and all his content seems to have been removed, hidden or manipulated in some way. However, this section only includes a link to Learn Dota Basics, not Learn Dota, which is a more advanced series.

Where can I read up on the history of Dota?: This pastebin has dozens of links that are either completely outdated or simply don't open.

What are the cheat/console commands?: Both these links are 8 to 9 years old. Its much better if they were changed to the wiki links for cheats and console commands which are updated. Also, launch options should be included here.

What is the Game Coordinator?: This link does not work because it directs you to "http//" instead of "".

How do I get really good at the game? I feel like I’m stuck: This link is over 8 years old.

Where can I find scrims/clanwars or play in amateur leagues/tournaments?: This discord invite link is no longer valid. And the link for amateur tournaments on liquipedia is damn old and outdated. Instead, this link for Tier 4 tournaments on the same site would be much better.

Why isn't X hero used in competitive play?: The link here has no relevance to Dota 2 whatsoever.

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Are there any Dota 2 podcasts?: Many of the podcasts here are not active, even though they are listed under active. Also, most of the links here don't work. The Defence of the Patience link leads you to a this page. On top of that, many active podcasts like WeSayThings are not listed at all.


As mentioned before, the link to this guides section cannot be found anywhere on the new subreddit page, only on the old subreddit page, that too only by clicking on "more resources", which doesn't clearly indicate that this is where the guides are.

Relax You're Fine – Video Guides: Hasn't been updated in over 3 years.

Comprehensive Dota 2 Guide: 7 years old. Hasn't been updated in 5 years.

Chokepoint Jungling: Fucking 12 years old.

DotaHut – Guides by Pros: Broken and outdated site.

Simple Ways to Improve Your Game by Zotmaster: Broken link

Complete Guide to Last-Hitting: 5 years old, all-text with outdated values.

Reddit's Daily Hero Discussions: Newest link is from 2012.

Reddit's Daily Item Discussions: Newset link is from 2014.

Merlini's tutorial for console and game settings, hotkeys, camera, shift-queuing, and game-time: This is almost 8 years old and is relevant to the old client. A LOT has changed since then.

Ultimate Guide to Warding: Doesn't work. Takes you to Dignitas' official site, an org which hasn't had a Dota 2 team since 2013.

Dota for Dummies: Good for its time, but its from 2014. Purge's series is much better.

Dota 101: Same as above.

VODs: Everything under this list is completely outdated or has broken links.

Tools: Almost everything except for a handful of links/resources are broken or outdated.

Commands: Once again, everything here is 8-9 years old.

YouTube channels: Tons of channels that are no longer updated, newest videos are 8-9 years old. Many of the community figures these channels belong to are still active in Dota 2, so even if its preferable to keep these links, they should be divided into "active" and "non-active".

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Podcasts: Once again, most of these podcasts are no longer active and not linked, one of only two podcasts that is linked is broken, and many new active podcasts are not listed.

Twitch streams: Links are 6 years old.

Casters: Only 1 caster listed here lol. Merlini.

Pro Players: Only 3 pro players listed here lol. Arteezy, EternalEnvy and Dendi.

P.S. I understand power-tripping and arbitrarily removing memes is of utmost priority for the people who manage this subreddit, which has really become more noticeable over the last couple of years. Most resources are updated to 2018 at the latest.

But maybe they should take some time to do a few things that will actually help new players who come here looking for information about the game. If they actually take actions and fix all the errors listed above, then they can go right back to doing what they've always been doing.


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