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Today marks a year since we’ve started our journey with this roster. To be specific, 4 of them. Initially, we had Jason — you guys might know him as “Tanner”, but after a month with us, he left. We invited BOOM instead. Right at the start, our main goal was to see if we are fit to work with each other. After a “testing” period we decided to go on into a long-term project, all of us. That means commitment, going through many ups and downs, experiencing happiness and sadness. Everyone wants to win, but we should all learn to lose. What did our long-term project mean? Going forward having the same goals: we had a common desire to get better at the very start. But as time passed by, we set up more and more goals. All of us want to be the best and to achieve it, one needs to make sacrifices. And so we did and we will repeat it in the future.

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I remember, at some point, I saw a youtube video saying "5 unknown players beat Team Secret". I guess it was ESL LA. Yes! All of them, including me, were nonames, basically just pub players. We came from nowhere. But together we’re trying to become something. Trying to become one of the best. It never happens in the first days, but we knew we got something to fight for. We will try our best to achieve our dreams, and we will fight for it with all we got.

I’m writing this post to make you guys aware of these amazing five individuals and an organization that backs them up, nurtures them, and helps them on their path to achieving their dreams. In the near future, we’ll have more content for you, you can reach out to me with suggestions on what you guys would look forward to seeing.

A follow on Twitter and Youtube for the players and the org will help us a lot.

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Pos 1 – Shad – Link Twitter

Pos 2 – BOOM – Link Twitter

Pos 3 – Tobi – Link Twitter

Pos 4 – Aramis – Link Twitter

Pos 5 – Seleri – Link Twitter

Coach – ImmortalFaith – Link Twitter Twitter Youtube


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