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TheRealTehcLahb’s Bad Guide to Heroes!

Content of the article: "TheRealTehcLahb’s Bad Guide to Heroes!"

Hello, and welcome to my (BAD) guide to DOTA 2's Heroes! Today, we will be covering Bloodseeker!

Bloodseeker is an Agility attribute Melee hero with a base health of 680, a health regen of 2.4, base mana of 291 and his mana regen is 0.9


Bloodrage: Trades health for increased attack speed and spell amplification for a short period of time.
Blood Rite: Creates a large area where all enemies will take damage and become silenced for a short time.
Thirst: A passive ability that whenever an enemy hero is hurt, your movement speed is increased drastically, while also revealing the hurt enemy. Also regenerates health whenever an enemy dies nearby.
Rupture: Damages the target hero whenever he/she moves for a moderate amount of time.

Guide to Bloodseeker: As you might know, Strygwyr is rather easy to control, but hard to pronounce. His mana pool is rather low, so you should be keeping an eye on his mana pool, and he is rather "squishy" in Melee vs. Ranged Heroes in the early-game, as his base health can easily be exploited by ranged heroes as they can micro easily. During early-game, I recommend getting Blood Rite as your first ability, because it will be your main source of damage for the entirety of the game. Blood Rite does a fair amount of damage, and is best used on farming, while it also can be used to zone out enemy heroes from the creeps you're farming. The second ability you should get, is Thirst. Why Thirst? Why not just go with Bloodrage for increased attack speed while farming? Because remember when I said Bloodseeker is rather squishy? Well, Thirst removes that big shitty problem, by giving you LIFESTEAL. Well, something close to that because it doesn't really add lifesteal to your attacks, but it still gives you health for every death of a nearby enemy, regardless if you were the one who killed it or not, also you get a free speed boost whenever an enemy hero is low health while also revealing them, so it's your decision if you want to kill them or just use the boost for whatever. Bloodrage is the third ability you should get, because Rupture isn't available yet, so just get it for increased damage on your Blood Rite and more attack speed for a time. Also, it only costs 25 mana at level 1 for a portion of your health, but that doesn't matter. And finally, of course you get Rupture. I don't really care on what should you upgrade next, as long as while you are doing that, make sure you get Power Boots on Intelligence Mode, and a Bloodstone. The reason why you want Bloodstone is because it triggers a funny quote from Bloodseeker, and gives you a large amount of spell amp, while its passive makes mana feel unlimited (Mana Battery), and its ability is just a Healing Salve but gives you a LOT more health regen (Removes a portion of your mana for health regen for a short time), so you can survive brawls and ambushes for much longer.

Combos: A really great combo I suggest doing is RageRuptRite, as Bloodrage spell amp is rather large, and Rupture deals damage to the target whenever they move, and Blood Rite is so they will be forced to take damage and be silenced, or get out whilst taking damage from the Rupture, while you're running around with your Bloodstone + Bloodrage spell amp.

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How to counter:To counter a Bloodseeker is like countering a running cheetah with its eyes gazed upon you as it rushes towards you, so stun heroes are great for stopping Bloodseeker's moving rampage across the map, as it will give everyone time to breathe in and out, especially people with low health. Why people with low health you may ask? Because remember Thirst? Yeah. We're talking about that ability that increases Bloodseeker's movement speed drastically and reveals players with low health. So basically, when you're at low health and you are alone, just remember. He is watching your every move so teleport, or right-click on base multiple times because you are going to FUCKING DIE if you don't react quickly. Other than that, just remember to avoid his rites and Rupts and always have a helping hand whenever possible. Tank heroes can easily plough through Bloodseeker like snow in Siberia, because it is NOT easy to plough through him if you are not careful, so make sure to have Linken's Sphere, as it makes you invulnerable to Rupture, or maybe a Black King Bar, so you won't have to worry about any of his abilities other than Bloodrage.

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Summary:Bloodseeker is just Razor but faster imo

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