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This Is Even Better Than Free Coaching. Everything You Need To Know About Supporting And More

Content of the article: "This Is Even Better Than Free Coaching. Everything You Need To Know About Supporting And More"

Note: Before I start this post, I want to thank my beloved friends that pushed me to grow and create something beautiful, useful, and made me realize that I can help players to improve. If it were not for you, I wouldn't be here. If it weren't for me, you would still be Heralds. I love you all.

This is going to be a long post and maybe a little bit emotional since I've put a lot of thought, hard work, and dedication into that.

Some of you might know me because occasionally, I announce free coaching. I try to get to know these players and understand their issues, struggles, and thoughts rather than just watching a replay and point out mistakes and errors. In the end, it's a human being on the other side of the screen and we should try to remember that. Usually, I announce these types of coaching sessions on seasonal events like Xmas as a gift to the community. This year due to the current situation, I did it a few more times, since working from home, left me with extra free time to spare

Those who know me, know that I coach people for a living as well. As I said numerous times in the past, I believe single-session coaching is ineffective in delivering results. I came to that conclusion quite some time ago thanks to my chess mentor, a respectable Chess Grandmaster, who took over my tournament preparation. Single session coaching didn't yield the results I expected. Chess requires consistency, accountability, understanding, and more importantly, time. After all, improving in anything in life requires the core elements above. Sports, Education, Business, you name it. After spending thousands of hours understanding and playing the game, I've managed to put together a conclusive, comprehensive method of learning the game.

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DotA is not different.

So, after a lot of months, putting a lot of effort and understanding, I created a way of learning that simply combines all of the above that helps players actually improve. Just like chess, you break down the game and improve partly, one thing at a time.

In the following video I put a lot of effort into establishing the fundamentals for position 5 and for roamers, as well as the big picture of supporting and the thought process behind proper decision making:

In this video you will learn:

About position 5:

  1. The principles of every position 5 that is not a lane dominator (CM, Jakiro, Lich, Disruptor, Bane, etc). Τhe rules a support should follow to have the best possible start.
  2. The way to approach the lane. The things you should consider when the game starts. Discerning and adapting to favorable/unfavorable matchups.
  3. Stacking and Pulling 101. When you should focus on it and when you should not focus on it
  4. Mangos vs Clarities
  5. Bodyblocking the big camp
  6. Rotations
  7. Middle game thought process

About the roaming position 4:

  1. The Principles of every Roamer(Clock, Tusk, Void Spirit, Pudge, Ember, Spirit Breaker, etc)
  2. Evaluating the situation from the beginning. Understanding your role's specifics and your place in the game
  3. Lane you should focus on
  4. Punishing Greedy Position 3 picks
  5. Assisting the Midlane. Rotating and Ganking

Extra things that exist in the video:

  1. Why the Offlane is usually easier to win rather than the safe lane
  2. Why position 1 should consider picking around position 5
  3. When not to abandon the lane as safelaner – Extended laning phase
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Now, as I said I've put a lot of effort into this video as well as the editor did put a lot of effort into pointing out the things that I want to emphasize. I tell every single piece of information that a position 5 and a 4 – roamer, is going to need to have the best start possible in the laning phase and the very beginning of the middle game.

Announcement: As you'll see, on this site there is more than just this video. I share my personal journey, general information as well as the way that I coach, what I offer, and some of my students' stories and their experiences.

Coaching is not just for improving, it's making the most out of your precious time. The main reason I wasn't able to have more than 2-3 students at the same time was workload, and of course, my firm belief that coaching should not come in rushed sessions without proper schedule and personalization.

Due to the whole #Covid situation and current lockdown again and working from home, I have more time to invest in managing more students at the same time. I will be able to assist 10 people this time, and hopefully, once we are done, these people will be better, more thoughtful players. Since this is again, kind of a gift, these 10 players will have a great discount.

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Even if you chose not to invest in proper coaching, I strongly suggest checking out my video since I've managed to structure a proper introduction to support specifics.

Once again, I hope that helpsjeff


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