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this is how you should deal with griefer hard support PA, VOID, SNIPER, etc

Content of the article: "this is how you should deal with griefer hard support PA, VOID, SNIPER, etc"

ok so it happens that in team there is braindead griefer hard support, now first of all don't get upset it's just a game, I understand that you had other plans, to play something that fulfills you, but you should keep in mind that your goals are only two things first to fix the behavior score second to emerge from the low MMR, therefore do not write anything to him when he chooses PA, just cool down be calm as if he had chosen a Lion or Ogre and report him. Probably everyone will immediately report it reflexively without any writing and raising an alarm, because it is clear to the whole world that he did not choose the role assigned to him and that he is probably a crippled moron.

Now you have two options to choose from if you are supposed to be pos 1, will you take hard support instead of him or will you take rather a jungler. It doesn't pay off to take another hard carry, you'll just get annoyed and lose precious nerves, so don't do it to yourself, take a jungler if it's absolutely necessary for you to play semi carry, now go normally on the lane for the first few minutes, to get an EXP, the very important thing is not to go into the woods right away on level 1 but be the first to wait for the opponents to get a power spike, then it's the right time to head to neutral camp, lean back in your chair and enjoy the scene while griefer is bullied out of lane, probably slaughtered, several times, you'll enjoy his every neurotic ping while you farm your midas on WK. He will definitely regret every second he chose PA solo against Axe and Phoenix. Of course, your goal is that even though you will let the griefer have a heavy time, you still want to win, so help other lanes, you can make a successful gank on the middle, try to be useful to the rest of the team don't just afk farm and you will see positive results!

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Having said that, If you have chosen hard support, thus even better, play as if nothing happened and you will win, I know that this option is difficult for the most but that's why you're where you are, it is actually the healthiest solution, for yourself and for your MMR.


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