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Thor, The Grand Protector

Thor, The Grand Protector
The chaos of the ancients have destroyed the balance of Yggdrasil, the world the tree that holds the realms, the destruction of one pantheon because of Mars' campaign is enough for the others to scramble and prepare, while the ever increasing power of the ancients has led to one pantheon to declare the inevitable: Ragnarok is about to begin. Not a man of prophecy and enraged by this, Thor angrily declared war on the ancients, however his house still wanting to see the things unravel by itself order Thor to stand down. However with the ever increasing number of threats and the disappearance of Loki, Thor equally brash and valiant set his sights on Midgard's realm , our realm to belay or stop Ragnarok once and for all.
The Midgard protector comes for war using his legendary hammer, lightning and oddly an oak tree

Thor, The Grand Protector is a melee strength hero capable of large amounts of damage and support during team fights from thunderous slams to throwing his iconic hammer. His oak trees are capable of dispensing damage when hit by Thor. He can go in or initiate a fight using Thunderdome ensuing early damage or heavy damage.

Role: Tank, Support, Initiator
Strength: 31+ 2.3
Intelligence : 15+ 1.9
Agility : 19 +1.4
Movement Speed: 290
Armor :
Damage at Level 1: 64-66
Attack Range: 150
Attack Time: 1.7

Q: Rejuvenating Slam, No Target

The slam of Mjolnir is capable of decimating foes and rejuvenating soil

CD:14/13/12/12 Mana: 130/140/150/160

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Slams the ground dealing damage and slowing enemies, after a delay the area is rejuvenated which heals allies

BKB? Yes
Damage Type Physical
Damage 100/140/180/220
HP Regen 4/5/6/7
AOE 400
Slow 25%/35%/45%/55%
Slow Duration 5
HP Regen Duration 10


  • The regen only occurs in the AOE
  • The damage comes first then the debuff and buff

W. Thunderous Throw, Point Target

Mjolnir's loyalty to Thor is unyielding

CD: 15 Mana: 110

Throws Mjolnir to a direction, and then returns to Thor dealing damage in it's way, the hammer can be called early by pressing the ability again. The projectile's speed on upon going back is doubled.

Damage Type Magical
Damage 90/110/130/150
Cast Range 600
Damage AOE 200
Projectile Speed 1200


  • Upon returning the hammer follows Thor's current position and does not return to the cast point

E. Old Oak, Point Target

Thor grew fond of a certain tree for all its electric properties

CD: 40/35/30/25 Mana: 70

Summons thunder to a point which erects an oak tree, every time Thor attacks it or everytime it gets affected by his spell it will eject lightning in a 500 radius around it dealing damage based on a percent of the damage of the attack or ability that affected it. Allies can attack it two times which imbues them with Thor's power giving them chain lightning for a few seconds.

Damage Type Magical
Damage Based on Damage Received 30%/40%/50%/60%
Chain Lightning bonus damage 80/90/100/120
Bonus Duration 8/9/10/11
AOE 700
Chain Lightning Jumps 5/6/7/8
Chain Search AOE 1000
Tree Duration 15
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  • The bonus can be purged
  • Damage is flagged as instant attack
  • The oak acts like a tree meaning it can block enemy vision
  • The oak cannot be destroyed in anyway other than allies attacking it
  • Can interact with allied abilities who uses trees in their properties
  • This means allies fully benefits from abilities that requires trees (Timber getting bonus damage on Whirling Death, MK can jump to the oak tree and use Primal Spring and Treat can become invisible near it)
  • The oak is included in abilities that are unit based but does not interact with it
  • This means abilities like Zeus' Q can jump on the tree but does not damage it or reduce the remaining jumps.

R.Thunderdome, Target Area

The wrath of thunder comes with Thor wherever he may go.

CD: 130 Mana: 200

Thor selects an area and channels for a duration, after channeling he teleports to the area and deals damage, the damage is based on how long it is channeled maxing at 2.5.

Damage Type Magical
Damage Per Second channeled 100/130/160
AOE 500
Cast Range 1000


  • Any interruption does not cancel the ability only its channel
  • This means if Thor is stunned while channeling the ability gets activated immediately.

Aghanim's Upgrade: (If there is one)

Thunderous Extremes: Each time Thor will cast an ability Mjolnir becomes excited and in his next attack a guaranteed chain lightning will proc.

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Breakable? Yes
Damage Type? Magical
Damage 150
AOE Search 1000


Level Left Right
25: +2 Old Oak Charges Global Thunderdome
20: +15% Spell Amplification +100 AOE Abilities
15: +30 Damage -3 secs Thunderous Throw CD
10: +20 Movement Speed +6 Armor

Author's Corner:
The hero itself was made in an effort to remake my past versions of Thor that heavily relied on the Marvel interpretation of the character. But seeing how that turned into a generic lightning hero I decided to explore the Norse version of Thor and incorporate aspects of him not usually seen in modern media (what with him being the God of fertility and oak trees) so there it goes.


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