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Thought on Arkosh account sharing on DPC

To whom this may concern:

My name is Raymond "AlienManaBanana' Milici, and I am a high ranked USA DotA 2 player. I am competing in the DotA 2 NA DPC league. I would like to draw attention to a glaring problem with Team Arkosh, who have qualified for the NA DPC League.

There have been many rumours about who the members of Team Arkosh are, but nothing official. I, of course, have been told the roster after the qualifiers ended. This creates an unfair advantage for Team Arkosh, as it is obviously difficult to strategize against a team with unconfirmed members in the open qualifiers as well as account sharing in open qualifiers.

As a competitor in the DPC, I had to register on the DPC website with my full name visible to the public and Valve. Of course, I have to use the same Steam account that I always play on, while players on Team Arkosh are blatantly using alternate accounts. Information about every ticketed game I have played is public for anyone to see whether or not I allow third parties to access my match data. For example, other players can easily find out that Templar Assassin is my most played hero, and it is constantly banned in my ticketed games.

I can prepare a draft against every team or player: look for patterns in their drafts, look for their best performing heroes, and even watch replays to study a player's game style like any respectable competitor would. ("Ceb is holding a bunch of papers" is now iconic.)

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On paper, Team Arkosh is five unknown players on fresh Steam accounts with no data and no history. There is a notable lack of transparency. Enforcing player bans becomes nearly impossible. This opens the possibility that they could switch players or otherwise participate dishonestly in addition to their unfair advantage in research and strategizing. They have admitted they swapped players and accounts shared multiple times at this point.

Between Open qualifier #2 and #3 Arkosh Gaming decided to change the player behind G.O.A.T (p5) this flagrant account sharing. G.O.A.T ticketed game history is deceiving, you're seeing someone else's hero pool. Mind you that Arkosh was not required to reveal their players during open qualifiers. Valve is able to track players IPs, but in today's standards a VPN is cheap and easy to access for any competitor.(Both PPD and BSJ were sponsored and promoting the use of VPN). Here we see blatant account sharing they gave them drafting advantages, as well as rumours there mid, was replaced between qualifiers/games too.

With NA traditions on roster stability I can't imagine how corrupted the data on Arkosh members will look like 1 year from now. This is a slippery slope and Arkosh is the precedent for this type of practice being legal.

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Account sharing is bannable by Riot games, Blizzard and Epic games.

I’ve played DotA for nearly 10 years, and I’m very pleased to have earned a place in the NA DPC league this year. The integrity of this competition is important to me. Team Arkosh is certainly entertaining, but the concept of unknown players has no place in an official competition.

I believe that it is the shared responsibility of Valve and tournament organizers Beyond the Summit to ensure that the competition is fair for all participants. I would appreciate it if the issue was examined and addressed, ensuring the integrity of the DPC league. Arkosh also announced a standin but not who they actually are just another smurf account with no data.

Here are some disqualifications made by the DPC League, this includes more than one case of account sharing. This is not about Arkosh or anything malicious, there are rules in place and used on other teams who had this practice but yet Arkosh have complete immunity to it.

I dont want to make any requests as its not my place to do so and is left up to the people in charge of this matter, but I would simply recommend everyone plays on their main accounts like everyone else.

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Best regards,

Raymond "AlienManaBanana" Milici


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