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Three topics in this post: “Dota and APM, correlation?”, “I’ve played >200 games as Ancient Apparition in

Throughout my workday day today, I've had each of these 3 topics on my mind and I was going to make separate posts for each, but I didn't want to spam the sub and figured I'd just lump them all together into one big post. For reference, if you want to look me up on Dotabuff or stratz or whatever, here you go:


Dota and APM, Correlation?

I recently discovered the beauty of and all it's wonderful pieces of data. Today, while browsing through old matches, I noticed I had gotten a Core award as Ancient Apparition though I never play him as such. When I looked at the match, I instantly remembered it because our CK offlaner had just gone afk from the beginning and I ended up soloing in the offlane until well after 1 minute into the game. ADDITIONALLY, this game had a smurf on our team. How do I know he was a smurf? Well he proudly declared it in the beginning of the match, saying "I'm a smurf, prepare to get carried" then picked Tiny mid and proceeded to hold true to his word. He decimated the enemy and carried us to a 30 minute win.

That all being said, I wanted to see if I could find any numerical data as to how he performed in that game vs how the rest of us did. And aside from the obvious LOTS OF KILLS / NO DEATHS / PLENTY OF ASSISTS, only one other numerical difference stood out… APM.

MATCH ID 6081436971

Now, I'm no pro… but I'm not like… asleep at my keyboard. But the APM was so vastly different. by the end of the game Tiny (the smurf) had an APM of 453, while the next highest was IO with 158 then lil ol me sitting at 77. Obviously your APM will be higher the less you die and with 0 deaths, Tiny was bound to have the highest. But still, even at the very start of the game, his APM was almost 500.


So the questions are: how does APM relate to Dota? Aside from CONSTANTLY right clicking where you're moving and all that, which we all already do, what are those actions? Does a high APM really correlate to high skill? How are these things related, if at all?

I've Played >200 Games as Ancient Apparition in <2 Months

I started playing Dota after a roughly 5 year break on Monday, May 27th, Memorial Day Weekend (in America). Since then I switched from playing cores into almost entirely playing support, and primarily spamming AA. He is my favorite hero by far and my winrate on him is about 55% overall and something like >75% in the past 100 matches.

A Guardian/Crusader's Thoughts on AA

Cons: Squishy, relatively slow, kind of have to decide early if you want to go for a right click or spell spam style, generally played as Pos 5 which means you'll almost never have farm to get as powerful as you could, ult is technically a skill shot, no surefire 100% reliable stun

Pros: High early game damage even at early levels, spammable spells, orb attack for harassing in lane, low mana/cd aoe spell that gives vision (great for dewarding, chasing, scouting, runes, roshan check), relatively low cd Ult that absolutely hard counters lots of low-mmr pubstompers (huskar, armlet buyers, heroes with huge regen/lifesteal), slows, stuns, does magic damage with chilling touch right clicks so still effective(ish) right clicking against high armor enemies

I hit Platinum on AA a week or so ago and maybe it's just because of being in the 1k-2k bracket, but a lot of folks just aren't prepared to face off against a knowledgeable AA player.

If you have any tips or questions or anything about AA, I'm your gal!

Why is My Lina Winrate So Abysmal?!

First, just remember I'm a support player so this is primarily about Pos 4 Lina.

In the past ~2 months since I got back into Dota, I've played 19 games on lina and only won TWO. Like… that's REAL BAD. What don't I know about Pos 4 Lina? I don't have any specific questions about her other than: What do you decent Lina-Players do that makes the hero effective in a match?

Thank you all for reading and I appreciate any advice, comments, questions you have. <3



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