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Thundel – The Keen Stormshredder

Lightning, the foundation of the mind, and therefore the soul. The Narrow Maze is forged from cold winds and electricity, and through the great storm all souls reach their final destiny. The Fields of Endless Carnage are the one place where the souls of the fallen cannot reach the salvation of the narrow maze. There, the souls of the doomed are trapped in the stagnant humidity, drowned out by the constant droning dead dirge, beyond the cleansing reach of lightning. It is hell on earth.

On a dark and stormy night, a bored keen sought purpose. Touched by the omniscience, he built an odd contraption out of an old lute and some spare transducers, and tied it to the tallest yew tree on the charnel grounds. Struck by a bolt of lightning infused with the very power of the narrow maze, the first electric guitar in this world was born. And so, the young keen set out to cleanse the Fields of Endless carnage.

The Omniscience sent heavy metal, and saw that it was good. They swore to play it louder than hell, he promised that they would.

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Q: Amplify

The Soulshredder fires a chord that debuffs enemy heroes, causing attacks suffered by them to also be inflicted on enemies near them.

Cooldown: 20s

Mana Cost: 75/125/175/225

Debuff Duration: 3/6/9/12s

Duplicated Attack Percentage: 25/50/75/100%

Spread Range:500 units

Chord Width: 250radius

Travel Distance: 900 units

Cast Point: 0.4|0.1

The Soulshredder turns the souls of his enemies into walking amplifiers

W: Hand of Doom

If a nearby enemy hero suffers more than 110 damage, the Soulshredder gains a doom charge. The soulshredder can spend his charges to grant his next attack true strike and bonus damage based on the charges spent.


Mana Cost: 30

Max Charges: 4/5/6/7

Damage Per Charge(Magical): 75

Charge Lifetime: 8s

Charge Gain Radius: 1800

The freezing winds of the underworld combine with the hammer of purity to unleash a devastating blow.

E: Sanctus Metallum

The Soulshredder unleashes a wave of power metal in an AoE, dealing magical damage and causing enemies affected to have increased miss chance and reduced magic resistance. If nearby allied heroes are within the AoE, the wave is recast centered on them. This skill only deals damage once per cast per unique allied hero. ( so a pile of PL illusions won't one-shot some hapless dude, but will spread it)


Damage: 140

Max Echoes: 2/3/3/4 (incidentally, this means that the most this spell can do to a single target is 280/420/420/560, if you have 5 allied heroes all nearby)

Magic Resistance Reduction: 10/10/15/15%

Miss Chance: 10/20/30/40%

Debuff Duration: 3/6/9/12s

Cast Point: 0.2|0.4

The lightning of the narrow maze combines with the the camaraderie of the battlefield to spread destruction

Ult: Tornado of Souls

The Stormshredder calls forth a maelstrom, constantly dispelling enemies within. Additionally, units cannot be spawned or teleport into the area of effect.

Cooldown: 110

Mana Cost: 250

Maelstrom Radius: 500

Cast Range: 850

Duration: 5s

Cast Point: 0.25|0.6

The thankful souls of the lost amplify the power of metal to drown out even the loudest dirge, purging the taint of undeath and stemming their rise.


Scepter: Drummer

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The Soulshredder summons a spectral drummer who provides an attack speed aura and mana regeneration.

Cooldown: 45

Mana Cost: 50

Deployable Type: Ward

Hits to Kill: 13

Aura Radius: 800

Attack Speed: 30

Mana Regeneration: 20

Lifetime: 20s

Spirits of blood and battle native to the Fields of Endless Carnage find themselves unable to resist the enthralling melody of metal.


Amplify's debuff also slows movement speed by 30%


Stat Number
Agi 13 + 3.7
Int 33+3.8
Str 12+2.5
Base Dmg 47-53
Armor 1
Magic Resistance 30%
Turn Rate 0.7
Attack Animation 0.3/0.65
BAT 1.6
Attack Range 150(M)
Vision Range 1600/1600


|:-|-|-:| |+40 Hand of Doom damage|25|+1Amplify Attack Bounce| |+50 Sanctus Metallum Damage|20|+30% regen reduction in Tornado of Souls| |+200 Amplify Spread Range|15|+2 Sanctus Metallum Armor Corruption| |+4s Hand of Doom Charge Lifetime|10|+50 Tornado of Souls Maelstrom Movement Speed|


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