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TI10 Fantasy Guide: Group Stage Day 2

As promised, I have returned :). TL;DR is available at the bottom of the post.

General Strategy

A quick recap of my original post about the general strategy that you should follow:

  • Pick players from teams that will play the most games that day (most important).
  • Pick players from teams that are expected to win their matches.
  • Pick players from teams that are expected to play longer matches.
  • Pick carry players for the Core slots.
  • Pick hard support players for the Support slots (not always true).

Number of Games Played

Table 1: The number of games played per team.

Team NameNo. of Games
Evil Geniuses2
Quincy Crew6
SG esports6
Team Aster4
Team Secret6
Team Spirit4
Thunder Predator4
Vici Gaming6

From the table above, it's pretty obvious that your choices should be from:

  • Elephant
  • Fnatic
  • Quincy Crew
  • SG esports
  • Team Secret
  • Vici Gaming

Opponents Faced

Table 2: The opponents faced by each team.

Team NameOpponent 1Opponent 2Opponent 3
ElephantVici GamingTeam SpiritTeam Secret
FnaticSG esportsPSG.LGDQuincy Crew
Quincy CrewbeastcoastVici GamingFnatic
SG esportsFnaticTeam Secretbeastcoast
Team SecretPSG.LGDSG esportsElephant
Vici GamingElephantQuincy CrewTeam Spirit

This is important for determining win expectancy and match length. Team rankings and historical data is only so useful considering frequent roster changes and head-to-head performance, so reasoning this out with numbers and statistics isn't an easy task.

I think that NA, SA, and EEU have the weakest tier 2 scene. Therefore—in my opinion—you should not pick players from Undying, Thunder Predator, SG esports, or Team Spirit, and you should favour teams that play against them.

Please don't crucify me—this is just my opinion.

Potential Choices

I'm going to list each potential choice's fantasy point average from pre-TI10 match data, TI10 match data, as well as a weighted average of both. Since we only have a single day of TI10 data, it's going to be 67% pre-TI10 and 33% TI10.

Table 3: The potential choices for the Core role.

Player NameTeam NamePre-TI10TI10Weighted Avg.
CostabileSG esports15.815.115.6
poyoyoVici Gaming13.419.515.5
YSQuincy Crew15.49.213.4
MATUMBAMANTeam Secret13.712.213.2
old eLeVeNVici Gaming10.812.811.5
zaiTeam Secret10.013.511.2
LESLÃOQuincy Crew10.87.19.6
tavoSG esports9.76.68.7

Raven, poyoyo, and eurus appear to be strong choices. Both poyoyo and eurus had a really good day 1, which brought up their averages. Quincy Crew got stomped by LGD, which brought YS's average down pretty hard, so he could still be a potential option.

Table 4: The potential choices for the Mid role.

Player NameTeam NamePre-TI10TI10Weighted Avg.
OriVici Gaming16.117.516.5
QuinnQuincy Crew16.013.815.3
NishaTeam Secret15.713.915.1
4drSG esports14.512.513.9

Ori and Somnus look like the best candidates. I'd avoid Quinn because Quincy Crew isn't looking too hot. But they do have a good matchup against beastcoast tomorrow, so you can consider him.

Table 5: The potential choices for the Support role.

Player NameTeam NamePre-TI10TI10Weighted Avg.
YapzOrTeam Secret15.316.715.8
PywVici Gaming14.515.414.8
KJSG esports14.914.514.8
DyVici Gaming14.115.914.7
LoAQuincy Crew14.913.914.6
ThiolicorSG esports12.713.312.9
PuppeyTeam Secret12.512.412.5
MSSQuincy Crew12.46.310.3

DJ and Yapz0r appear to have a considerable lead over the rest. Pyw and Dy are good secondary options.

Gold/Silver Card Bonuses

Remember to factor these in when making your decisions. I can't really do the thinking for you, because there are so many different possibilities. Please refer to my original post for what bonuses to look for for each role. If you want player-specific data, have a look at this Google Sheet.

Another good resource for comparing gold/silver cards is this app. I didn't make it, credit goes to u/FantasyDotos. Keep in mind that the dataset he has used is different from mine.

There is also some data available on this site. Credit goes to u/beisong.


Core: Raven / poyoyo / eurus

Mid: Ori / Somnus

Support: DJ / Yapz0r / Pyw / Dy

I hope this helps. Good luck!


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