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TI10 Fantasy Guide: Main Event Day 3

PSA: You can set your Fantasy team via a web browser using this site.

As always, TL;DR is available at the bottom.

Recommended Data Sources

General Strategy

A quick recap of my original post about the general strategy that you should follow:

  • Pick players from teams that will play the most games that day (most important).
  • Pick players from teams that are expected to win their matches.
  • Pick players from teams that are expected to play longer matches.
  • Pick carry players for the Core slots.
  • Pick hard support players for the Support slots (not always true).

Number of Games Played

Remember, for a bo3 only the top 2 scoring games count towards fantasy points.

Table 1: The number of games played per team.

Team NameNo. of Games
Alliance2 (bo3)
Evil Geniuses2 (bo3)
PSG.LGS2 (bo3)
T12 (bo3)
Team Secret2 (bo3)
Vici Gaming2 (bo3)
Virtus.pro2 (bo3)

All of the teams playing tomorrow play the same number of games.

Opponents Faced

This is important for determining win expectancy and match length. Team rankings and historical data are only so useful considering frequent roster changes and head-to-head performance, so reasoning this out with numbers and statistics isn't an easy task.

Table 2: The opponents faced by each team.

Team 1Team 2
Vici GamingEvil Geniuses

Potential Choices

I think at this point we have enough TI10 data (144 games) to do away with the pre-TI10 data completely.

Recall that in a bo3, only the top 2 games are counted for fantasy points. As such, the average fantasy points earned no longer gives you the complete picture—you need to favour players with a higher variability in their fantasy point earnings, if you expect the series to go to 3 games. This is where the "Avg. Bo3" column comes in handy. It was calculated by:

  1. Considering all possible combinations of games already played at TI in sets of 3.
  2. Discarding sets with either 3 wins or 3 losses (since a bo3 that goes to 3 games requires at least 1 win and 1 loss).
  3. Taking the top 2 scoring games of each set.
  4. Calculating the average.

Table 3: The potential choices for the Core role.

Player NameTeam NameAvg. Bo3Avg.
ArteezyEvil Geniuses18.716.6
flyflyINVICTUS GAMING16.716.2
MATUMBAMANTeam Secret18.015.9
poyoyoVici Gaming16.914.7
old eLeVeNVici Gaming12.811.4
zaiTeam Secret12.111.2
iceiceiceEvil Geniuses12.010.7

Table 4: The potential choices for the Mid role.

Player NameTeam NameAvg. Bo3Avg.
NishaTeam Secret18.616.9
OriVici Gaming18.416.4
AbedEvil Geniuses17.816.2

Table 5: The potential choices for the Support role.

Player NameTeam NameAvg. Bo3Avg.
YapzOrTeam Secret18.817.2
DyVici Gaming17.015.3
PywVici Gaming14.713.4
FlyEvil Geniuses14.012.8
Cr1t-Evil Geniuses12.911.6
PuppeyTeam Secret12.411.2

Gold/Silver Card Bonuses

Remember to factor these in when making your decisions. I can't really do the thinking for you, because there are so many different possibilities. Please refer to my original post for what bonuses to look for for each role. I encourage you to have a look at the recommended data sources at the top of this post for player-specific data.


If you have completed the achievement for collecting all the player cards, you may safely dust the cards from the following teams as they have been eliminated:

  • beastcoast
  • Elephant
  • SG esports
  • Team Aster
  • Thunder Predator
  • Undying

Personal Analysis

Disclaimer: this part is based on my opinion, so I suggest taking it with a grain of salt.

Note: If you're wondering why I've considered whether a bo3 goes to 3 games when only the top 2 scoring games count, have a look at the top of the Potential Choices section for my justification.

Will add this once I've had some time to compose my thoughts.


Core: Arteezy / Ame > flyfly / MATUMBAMAN

Mid: Emo / Karl >> Nisha / NothingToSay / Ori / Abed

Support: Yapz0r / Whitemon >> kaka / Dy

I hope this helps. Good luck!


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