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Tiny’s griefing won us the game

Content of the article: "Tiny’s griefing won us the game"

My team is: Arc Warden, Drow mid, DK, Tiny, Warlock. Now, I gotta say our pos 4 Tiny was really good in the early game with his rune rotations, even successfully ganking the mid Sniper twice before 20 mins. He was instrumental after buying Blink, in winning our midgame by disrupting Void chrono, dazzle grave. But, after we took their tier 2s, everything slowed down. We were getting some pickoffs and they were getting some pickoffs.

Arc's clone was pushing while Drow, DK and Arc were jungling. I was playing Warlock and was trying to deward and stack any camps that were left unfarmed. Unfortunately, because we were spread all over the map we reacted late to a Rosh fight and got team wiped around 30 mins. Seemed like Sniper and Void were coming online. After that, despite many "Push now" pings, our team seemed content to just push out lanes and jungle. But, now our ganks were failing. Anytime Tiny, DK and I entered their side, we would all die after catching just 1 of them. Our early team cohesion seems to have been lost. Our pos 1 and 2 just wanted to farm and let the enemy make the gank or push into us.

Then Tiny writes "Warlock, I just completed AC. Let me buy wards now, you make Aghs". I replied "Thanks, sure?" He said: "Yeah, I have blink and AC. I don't need anything else". I was happy as I was only some 1400 gold away from Aghs and I wanted to have bigger impact. I didn't realise that Tiny wasn't actually warding.

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He waited to collect all sentries together and warded each of our jungle camps! Every single one! Immediately Arc started pinging him as I typed "Wtf Tiny". He said "We need to end fast, Sniper and Void late game is strong". Drow said "We know that idiot, but now we certainly lose", "Report him". I was trying to stifle my laughter as Drow and Arc went from camp to camp pinging as if a Pudge missed an Atos Hook.

Since our carries had nothing to do on our side of the map, they started pushing lanes with us. Void showed himself mid and almost instinctively we started chasing him together. As we forced a fight outside their mid tier 2, this Tiny was able to toss Sniper out to DK as Void BKB TPed out at 20% hp. It was beautiful, like a perfect musical symphony coming together. We were able to take mid racks and after a desperate chrono, take the game as Sniper didn't have buyback. Just because of one fight we forced out. Tiny forced out.

I know Tiny's tactic could have backfired but I'm blown away by his willingness to take such a risky action to win at any cost. We all knew we should push but he made it happen. I hope my Commend balances out any Reports he may have received.


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