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Tips on climbing as a Support to Immortal

Content of the article: "Tips on climbing as a Support to Immortal"

Hello, I am One, a support main and recently I hit immortal only playing support only in solo queue with around 70% winrate. I calibrated this account at Crusader 5 (around 2250) and now I just hit immortal at 5640. I play on the SEA server and only solo queue. I didn’t have a battlepass, so no double downs were used. I’ll just share with you guys some useful information on playing SUPPORT that you may use to climb urself.

  • Decide on around 10 heroes that you will play during your climb. 2-3 that you master to perfection and rest to fall back on incase those 3 heroes get banned or it’s a bad pick or you have an excellent counterpick against the enemy heroes (say you get 2nd phase pick vs a dark seer first pick, then you can pick oracle)
  • Play at the same time everyday. Playing at random times leads to inconsistencies and we don’t want that. I found late night/early morning queues on weekdays helpful in SEA. Weekends were the worst quality of games. I just stopped playing during the weekends.
  • Try to learn META / Strong heroes. Avoid going for weak/fun heroes. But… This is just a general advice. Anyone can make ANY hero work at any MMR with enough practice . Usually its easier to climb with the flavor of the month picks rather than weak picks.
  • If you play support, Pick first phase. Always. Don’t make your cores lose gold. I cannot stress this enough. I know it feels good to counterpick / not get counterpicked but I think its better for the cores to have that option.
  • I used the overwolf Dotaplus overlay to survey the players before the game starts. It gives useful information on player’s picks over the month, whether they are on winstreak/loss streak or not ,winrates,etc. So use it if you’d like. #notanAD
  • You can’t win every game no matter how hard you try. Some games you will play really well and carry the early game but your cores will run it down during the mid/late games and you will lose. Its okay. Don’t be toxic. Just calm down and take a break. Then go next game. Do not queue immediately after a crushing loss.
  • Just dont be toxic. EVER. Mute and move on. I don't type anything other than call outs in my games like "go rs/ care mid/ etc". Typing or saying anything else negative doesn't help at all. Use the avoid feature if you have to. I did the climb without Dotaplus so I didn't have that either.
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The picks I used. Ordered by number of games played.

Pos 5: Undying , Venge , Veno, Ogre, Jakiro.

Pos 4: Rubick, Veno , Tiny

Pos 3 (If I ran out of role queue slots) : Veno , Underlord

If you want tips on these heroes, I can provide them below. Know your weaknesses and play accordingly. I tried to play other meta heroes like Oracle, Mirana and sucked at them, so i kept it to these heroes. If you guys find this post useful, lemme know, I can give you guys more information like a hero guide on undying(my most played pos 5) , more tips like these or other stuff. Good luck on your climb.

My discord : One#3174


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