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Tips & tricks for Overwatch reviewers

  • You need at least 6k behaviour score, 1k MMR and play at least 1 match/day in the last week to be able to review cases (even co-op bot matches work).
  • You generally get 5 cases every day, on average. Sometimes, you may not get a new case after reviewing one. This is a bug with the popup. You need to restart game every time to get the new case.
  • Don't click anywhere once you click on the Download replay button. If you misclick somewhere and the replay bugs out, go to steamsteamappscommondota 2 betagamedotareplays and delete the replay there. Then try again.
  • You can check the number of reviewed cases and successful convictions here (this has been posted on the sub few times before).
  • However, this is actually not an indicator of the total number of cases you have reviewed. You can see a full list of all the cases you reviewed here.
  • On this page:
    • 0 = No verdict submitted
    • 1 = Not guilty
    • 2 = Insufficient evidence
    • 3 = Guilty
  • The time shown on this page is in Unix time. You can convert it to readable time using this site.
  • Insufficient evidence counts towards guilty verdicts. If you're not sure when reviewing the case and mark insufficient evidence, but enough people mark guilty, your verdict will contribute to the player getting convicted.
  • You can look at the first link and see that the NumReviewedCases value is equal to the number of insufficient evidence verdicts + number of guilty verdicts.
  • The ratio between NumReviewedCases and NumSuccessfulConvictions determines your accuracy score. If your score falls below a certain threshold, you lose the ability to review cases.
  • Sometimes, you might get the no trees bug when reviewing cases. This happens when you rewind to the start immediately after replay loads. To avoid this, when the replay first opens, play a few seconds into the first marker. Then move the scrobbler back to the start of the replay.
  • When you click on Submit verdict, don't Alt-Tab or click anywhere. Sometimes, it bugs out and the verdict doesn't actually get submitted, even if you actually gave a verdict. You can crosscheck this with the second link provided.
  • You can use this tool on OpenDota to find the exact match, if you feel you like you need more info.
  • Its a good idea to check the buyback status of the reported player at the start of the replay. Buying back super early in the game may itself not be enough for a guilty verdict. But if there are other small-to-medium level griefy behaviours, it can all add up to a guilty verdict (depends on rank too).
  • You can bind hotkeys to forward/rewind a certain amount in the console and make it easier to watch the replay. You only need to do this once.
    • bind "<" "demo_goto -300 relative"
    • bind ">" "demo_goto 300 relative"
    • The values are based on 30 ticks per second. So +/-300 means it will forward/rewind by 10 seconds. You can set this value and the hotkeys to your personal preference. I only know of this technique because of u/Fluffy_G from this post, so credit to them. Refer below.
  • You can see the stats dropdown using these hotkeys even though the menu isn't available in the replay.
  • If you want to see the enemy's fog of war:
    • Choose player perspective camera
    • Select an enemy hero
    • Press the spectator FOW hotkey
    • You can see all related hotkeys here (not all of them are enabled)
  • Take into account that the player may have a widescreen monitor.
  • If you were convicted by Overwatch, you can see the details of your bans here. I'm not 100% sure about this, because I haven't been convicted, so I don't see anything on this page.
  • There are several more tips in this post made by u/andyandcomputer.
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This is all I can think of right now. If I missed a tip, suggest in the comments.

Edit: Either yesterday or today, Valve disabled being able to bind hotkeys to forward/rewind using the console commands. However, you can still bind a key to rewind by 10 seconds using this command: bind "k" "dota_spectator_rewind"

Note that this method doesn't allow you to set a specific time. Its always 10 seconds.


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