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top 10 things that hard support in 1k does wrong without realizing

  1. hard sup does not give tango in the pick phase but later or never. mid rushes to T1 to place the first obs and possibly with vision will see if the opponent puts the obs, there is no time to wait for you to give him a tango, if you don't give him a tango at all, it's just a disaster.
  2. hard sup body block the first creeps wave on a safe lane tower. if any of you can explain to me why you do this all the time, please stop, this only makes sense if the offlane is blocking heavy but it almost never happens in 1k, and the easier solution if that happens is to do creep agro. it would be ideal for the lane to stand right in front of the tower but out of its range, if you block, the next wave will be far outside the safe zone and at very first minute of the game you already losing the lane.
  3. hard sup pull a small camp without a stack. this doesn't solve the problem you made at all, but the result of everything will be even worse, now there is a double wave, you make an even bigger push. if you stack a small camp, there is a high probability that you will deny the whole wave, and normalize the equilibrium. Which is perfect because opponents get neither gold nor exp.
  4. hard sup forcing hard carry to fight on the lane. poor assessment of the situation, you think you are stronger than your opponents you run into them, you die, after pinging on a hard carry because he ignores you, you write nonsense to him never go back to the lane, and so on, these are all unacceptable things. Hard carry is in interest only to farm, if he does it smoothly, if his opponents do not cause him difficulties, it does not matter that they are present on lane, only if they bother him in a way to prevent it from gaining gold then they must be killed or driven away. Your task is to zone them out while he farms, not to force him to fight all the time, since killing opponents means almost nothing to hard carry in exchange for losing the whole wave of creeps, regeneration, time, resources.
  5. hard sup not competing at a large camp pull. it is very likely that the enemies will try to pull the wave on a large camp your task is to agro neutral creeps back, do not allow that pull, and drive away opponents. If that creates a problem for you just block the whole camp with sentry.
  6. hard sup does not teleport to the mid to counter attack. You have to constantly look at the mini map, if there is a close fight 1v1 at mid in early game, and you are not sure who will die teammate or opponent, or if teammate is ganked, dived at tower, your duty is to follow the game globally and react quickly, not to stand idle.
  7. hard sup putting obs without sentry. especially on high cliff this is unacceptable stop doing these things, infuse your teammates with false security, when they look at the mini map, not seeing that there is no sentry, so it is very likely that maybe opponents have obs or are invisible, obs has become free I really see no reason to be 10 sentry in stash because you save for an items.
  8. hard sup dewarding then place in that same spot obs. a good player will never put obs where he dewards, for obvious reasons, since opponents are aware that you are dewarding and will arrive in less than a minute to remove vision. You spend a limited number of obs, often the map is black because of it, and your teammates tell you they have no vision, then you ping them how the obs is on the cd in shop. Vicious circle.
  9. hard sup doesn't buy smoke to organize the ganks. I often see that 2 smokes are in stash, for no reason, smoke is a great way to unite the team, to play harmoniously, a successful gank will be a great result for you, and you will gain the trust of your teammates.
  10. hard sup doesn't buy force stuff and glimmer cape. these two items are extremely important and I would not skip them in any way, they can turn the whole fight in your favor, save a teammate's life, it is important for the team to have this, not just for you. I often see players go for an aether lens, a aghanim scepter, and so on, very greedy and selfish which is not your role!
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