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Trying the New OD

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Out of all the heroes buffed in 7.28b, OD got a LOT of love. The hero is still kind of weird but I put together a build that got me 15-0 in my first game OD mid, thought it would be worth sharing. It's not perfect, but it seemed surprisingly good against their MK, Zeus, Ogre, Tusk, TA lineup (TA mid). Note this was not a particularly highly ranked game.

I opened nulls + 1st item Treads which gives OD 370 movespeed and some decent right click. At lvl 8 I was 1/2/4/1, to make sure my mana stayed high and that I could harass with Q/W and deny last hits with W.

I went Eternal Shroud 2nd item for the magic res, solid HP regen, magic protection, and the 20% lifesteal on all spells.

3rd item was Bloodstone, which added a further 15% spell lifesteal, tons of HP/mana, and a 30% spell lifesteal bonus which brought me to 45.5% spell lifesteal.

4th item BKB for obvious reasons; lets me keep up right-clicks in teamfights and absolutely slaps the MK.

5th item as the game was coming to a close was Hurricane Pike. If the game had continued I was looking at 6th item Skadi for extra slow, or Agh Scepter for more control.

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I also realized that at lvl 25 OD has the option of adding another 30% spell lifesteal which, with my items, would have brought me to (20+15+30)*1.3 = 84.5% spell lifesteal, at which point I would just be refilling huge chunks of my nearly 4k health with every hit, like a constant, weaker active satanic.


One other thought is that OD's W makes having high Int/mana items kinda unnecessary? At times later in the game I had well over 1000 bonus mana stolen from Zeus and Ogre since the steal lasts 60 seconds and Astral cooldown is only 12. That huge stolen mana also let me justify +30 movespeed talent over +250 mana at lvl 15. In fact it's really making me wonder if going Aghs early for mana steal and otherwise just saying screw it to mana items is the right play? Octarine for the W cast range and CDR (and fat mana pool) might be worth it, but I felt that Bloodstone offered a lot more value paired with Eternal Shroud, and that having both Bloodstone and Octarine together would have left me vulnerable without BKB.


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