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Trying to get back into Dota 2 with my coworkers, and we could use some advice/improvement tips

Hello all, getting the itch to play again after a few years of break, along with my coworkers who got me into the game, to begin with. First some background, I used to play LoL before Dota so I had some prior MOBA knowledge coming into the game (lanes, roles, very general). The first coworker that's played the longest (since 2012) maintains an MMR of around 1-100 and plays whatever role. He didn't actually know what roles/positions were until I explained it to him. His main heroes are Undying and Silencer. The second coworker started after 1st got him into the game a little before me, he mainly plays Shadow Shaman or Witch Doctor, and usually just wants to support. His MMR usually floated around the 300-500 range. I usually play pos1 or pos2, really enjoy PA, WK & want to get better with AM and Spectre. I originally calibrated around 2k (a couple of years ago), but playing ranked with my coworkers quickly brought that down. I don't want to blame them, I know they're doing their best (and we're all middle-aged dudes with families so none of us have fallacies of going pro) but it's hard to really enjoy the game when it's usually just a 30-45 minute period before the inevitable loss.

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I know I can definitely improve, and I felt very rusty this past couple of games, but I'm not super familiar with the roles my coworkers play and never feel like I have the best advice to give them either. Would anyone be willing to provide some tips/tricks/steps we could take to try and improve and hopefully get back to winning some games? I'll provide the two matches we played last night, I played WK followed by Mars (offlane), CW#1 played Undying followed by Weaver (he picked weaver thinking it was an offlane hero, so I just told him to go pos1), CW#2 played Shadow Shaman both games (both offlane).

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