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Trying to train for Bounty Hunter, Nyx Assassin, Clockwerk and Bane

Hi guys! Ancient IV here (but sometimes I don't feel like I am an Ancient player). I'm trying to expand my pool of heroes into these 4 heroes, but I have trouble understanding how to use their kits well, and how to mitigate or minimize the thing that they suck at. Here's my personal summary of what I know about each heroes. Let me know if im wrong.

Bounty Hunter

-Pros: Good at harassing hit and run style with 2nd skill, and steal gold. Can potentially solo kill if i use those gold to buy small powerspike items like medallion of courage or urn to sustain in terms of mana and/or hp. Once gotten level 6, can start hunting for "walking bounties" and assist other allies to chase someone in fog of war or trees. And multi shuriken for multi ulti targets, which is super neat.

-Cons: Can be easily kited if enemies are good in positioning or have fast movement speed during laning stage . This heroes need to be out-golding people to win imo, otherwise he will be just a weaker version of slardar with no real tankiness to him. Kinda bad at clearing wave if no bf or meme hammer imo.

Nyx Assassin

-Pros: Super good against high int gain/base heroes with his 2nd skill. Decent laning presence with good base hp regen like orge. Have a decent one line ravage stun like lion with 14 sec cd, and a defensive third skill that is good at countering uncontrollable spells or targetted at you. Very powerful invi ulti that deals pure damage and break for 4 seconds upon hitting your targer, except….

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-Cons: I usually cant get in range with the enemy to hit most of the time, and if i do, they usually would have blue wards around to see me coming. So i usually use it as a way to set stuns instead. But sometimes my stun takes too long that either the enemy flanks the stun, or they just run out of range 🙁 . I'm getting the hang of it at predicting where people are going, but missing his stun always feels like a death sentence to me. His stun feels like a nerfed version of lion's stun in terms of cd and cast animation. Also kinda bad at farming and clearing wave with his first skill alone unless he gets like bf or meme hammer.


+Pros: the get "into your face" hero. Likes to annoy support players or carry players that dont like close gappers with his first skill. Super utility hero with his global range and nuke vision 3rd skill, and 2nd skill act as a defensive/offensive barrier like tusk's skill but can also stun enemies and burn mana if they come to close to the ring from outside. Got a longer pudge hook, except you go into them instead.

-Cons: Also feel like he is easily kited and can be bad at fighting head on with 1v2+. I tried buying ultility items like force staff to increase my mobility and whatnot, but i still feel like im missing the potential of this hero in terms of causing havoc with this hero. His ulti is also a hit or miss for 40 second and is kinda hard to land. Have somewhat decent creel clearing ability with his first skill lol, but that is not the main purpose of the skill.

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-Pros: Good lane presence. Can trade very well with anyone with 2nd skill, sleep the shit out of people as you see fit, and has a chanelling stun that sucks mana, with insane passive that makes the duration longer.

-Cons: again, kinda bad at clearing waves. All his spells are single targetted.

Based on the above statements, what is the mentality i need to have when playing with those heroes,? I feel like most of them have below average or bad creep pushing skills, and all of them needs to be snowballing in order to win teamfights and take objectives faster with the team. I usually play support heroes that can clear waves so that it will be harder for enemy team to take objectives when our allies are dead, everyone not ready to fight, etc. Need some kind advice on how to play those heroes. I believe there is something i can do with those heroes when we are not fighting.


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