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Turbo Mode Meta Heroes?

Hi guys, I've been playing Turbo mode almost exclusively since its release on 2017. Hope I can find some Turbo enthusiasts here to discuss strategies and drafts. According to my personal experience and observation (as an Offlane main):

Strong heroes (often win with them on my team and lose when they're on the opposing team):

Zeus, Skywrath, Bristleback, Windranger, Spectre, Sven, Warlock, Wraith King, Witch Doctor, Undying

Weak heroes (vice versa):

Naga Siren, Puck, Batrider, Treant, Shadow Demon, Broodmother, IO, Alchemist, Doom, Chen, Kotol

Other heroes fall somewhere in between.

Most banned: Anti-mage, Rikimaru, Juggernaut, Zeus

Due to the boosted income and no gold penalty on death nature for Turbo, the snowball element is reduced as heroes which require core item to function can eventually save up for it at an accelerated rate even while feeding, example: Zeus (Scepter), Wraith King (Radiance) and Windranger (MKB).

Because of the free speedy flying courier for everyone it's fascinating how heroes with lowest win rate on standard Immortal bracket like Bristleback (44.03%) can be an absolute beast on Turbo (constant Mangoes, Salve delivery) by being able to trade better.

Summons reliant heroes like Broodmother (58.36%) and Chen (54.42%) suffer greatly. Their dominant early game stage (level 1 to 7) is severely cut short and their summons scale badly into late game.


Midas and gold generation heroes like Alchemist and Doom aren't doing too good either (Doom especially with long CD single target ultimate) maybe because everyone gets boosted income too so the profit from Midas/gold generation skills have less impact.

Just my 2 cents =)

p/s: I had a peak MMR of 5983 pre medal system and calibrated Immortal few seasons ago. Play on SEA server, mostly solo or with a few friends, sometimes full stack with guildmates. We usually match with players ranging from Ancient to Immortal.


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