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Turning the Team Fortress 2 Mercs into Dota 2 Heroes

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Ability 1: The Sandman

Scout launches a baseball at target enemy hero, damaging and slowing them. The slow and damage increases the farther away the enemy is.

Ability 2: Mad Milk

Scout throws a jar at target area, dousing enemies in milk and reducing their armor. Dealing any type of damage to enemies coated in milk heals the attacker for a percentage of the damage dealt.

Ability 3: Faster Than A Speeding Bullet

Passive: Scout moves like a blur, gaining increased movement speed and evasion.

Aghanim's Scepter Effect: Can be activated to temporarily grant Scout additional movement speed, 100% evasion and bonus attack speed.

Ultimate: Force-A-Nature

Scout pulls out a powerful Scattergun and fires it, dealing damage in a huge cone in front of him and knocking enemies back. The Scout is knocked in the opposite direction of where he fired.


10: Bonus to all stats. | Attack speed.

15: Max distance Sandmans stun the target. | Increased Mad Milk lifesteal.

20: Attacks apply a Bleed to enemies. | Increased Force-A-Nature damage.

25: Permanently Phased movement. | Reduced Force-A-Nature cooldown.



Ability 1: Equalizer

Soldier lunges at an enemy and delivers a strike at melee range, healing him for a percentage of the damage dealt. Damage increases the lower Soldier's health is.

Ability 2: Rocket Jump

Soldier creates an explosion at his feet that damages himself and nearby enemies, while launching him to target area. While in the air he can attack enemies.

Aghanim's Scepter Effect: Rocket Jump has three charges. While flying and for 1 second afterwards Soldier gains increased attack speed.

Ability 3: Explosive Ordnance

Passive: Soldier's attacks explode to deal damage in an area around the target.

Ultimate: Buff Banner

Soldier creates a temporary aura around himself that increases allied movement speed and makes all attacks deal bonus critical damage.


10: Health regeneration. | Equalizer deals bonus damage for 3 seconds after using Rocket Jump.

15: Attack range. | Equalizer grants movement and attack speed for a few seconds after striking an enemy Hero.

20: Chance to deal a Critical Strike (200% damage). | Equalizer cooldown is reset whenever an enemy Hero dies nearby.

25: Buff Banner increases armor. | Buff Banner grants health regeneration.



Ability 1: Detonator

Launches a flare to target area anywhere on the map, briefly revealing the area and afflicting enemies with Afterburn.

Ability 2: Compression Blast

Pyro blasts compressed air in an arc, knocking enemies back and reflecting most projectiles. Skillshots are redirected in the direction Compression Blast was fired, while targeted projectiles are fired at the closest enemy.

Ability 3: Afterburn

Passive: Pyro's attacks apply Afterburn to enemies, dealing bonus magical damage over time. Pyro gains Strength for each nearby enemy afflicted with Afterburn. Heroes gives additional Strength and bonus movement speed.

Ultimate: MMMMPH!

Passive: Pyro's attacks deal a percentage of their damage in a cone, afflicting all enemies hit with Afterburn.

Active: Pyro briefly becomes Spell Immune as it channels. After the channel, Pyro's attacks temporarily deal their full damage in a cone and deal bonus critical damage.

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Aghanim's Scepter Effect: Reduces cooldown. During the channel Pyro flies into the air with the Thermal Thruster, before flying to target area. Upon landing all nearby enemies are afflicted with Afterburn.


10: Movement speed. | Reduced Detonator cooldown.

15: Increased Afterburn damage. | Each Afterburn-afflicted enemy Hero grants Pyro bonus Armor.

20: Afterburn lasts longer. | Attack range.

25: Afterburn heals Pyro for a percentage of the damage dealt. | Magic resistance.



Ability 1: Grenade Launcher

Demoman fires a grenade to target area, which explodes after a delay and deals damage to nearby enemies. Holds up to four charges that can be fired rapidly. Can damage buildings.

Ability 2: Targe Charge

Demoman rushes towards target enemy, stopping and damaging the first enemy he hits . Applies a Strong Dispel as he starts charging.

Ability 3: Headhunter

Auto-Cast: Demoman's cursed sword hungers for heads, dealing bonus damage. Whenever Demoman kills an enemy Hero (or is within melee range of them dying) he permanently increases Headhunter's damage.

Ultimate: Bottle o' Scrumpy

Demoman downs an entire bottle of alcohol and becomes incredibly drunk for a duration. While drunk he gains increased movement speed, attack speed, health regeneration and evasion. He also gains a delayed reaction to a percentage of the damage he takes.

Aghanim's Scepter Effect: Grants the Drinking Buddies ability.

Drinking Buddies

Demoman shares his drink with an allied hero, granting them the effects of Bottle o' Scrumpy.


10: Movement speed. | Armor.

15: Enemy minions are knocked aside during Targe Charge instead of stopping Demoman. | +2 Grenade Launcher stacks.

20: Strength. | Headhunter stacks grant increased maximum health.

25: Grenade Launcher deals bonus damage. | Reduced Headhunter cooldown.



Ability 1: Knockback Rage

Heavy knocks all nearby enemies away from him and temporarily reduces all damage dealt to him.

Ability 2: Sandvich

Channeled: Heavy eats a sandwich, restoring a large amount of health.

Ability 3: Spinning Up

Passive: Attacks give Heavy bonus attack speed, up to a cap. While not attacking he loses stacks over time.

Toggle: Heavy moves slower, but gains stacks of Spinning Up passively.

Aghanim's Scepter Effect: While at max stacks Heavy periodically unleashes a ring of flame around him, damaging enemies. Hitting enemies increases the size of the next ring, to a cap. Enemies hit by successive waves take increasing damage from each.

Ultimate: Giant Man

Passive: Heavy gains bonus health and Armor.


10: Strength. | Increased Sandvich healing.

15: Knockback Rage reduces Armor of affected enemies. | Increased Spinning Up max stacks.

20: Attack range. | Attacks slow enemies, stacking up to 5 times.

25: Regenerate a percentage of max health every second. | Heavy is Spell Immune during Sandvich.



Ability 1: Shotgun

Engineer fires a blast from his shotgun, dealing damage in a cone. Affected by attack modifiers.

Ability 2: Sentry Gun

After a short channel builds a Sentry Gun at target area. Sentry Guns are stationary ranged summons that automatically attack nearby enemies. Sentry Guns gain attack modifiers from Engineer's items. Sentry Guns count as buildings. Only one Sentry Gun can exist at a time. Goes on cooldown once the Sentry Gun is destroyed.

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Mark a target in range for the Sentry Gun to attack.

Aghanim's Scepter Effect: Grants the Mini-Sentry ability.


Engineer quickly builds a Mini-Sentry, which work like weaker versions of Sentry Guns, but cannot be upgraded.

Ability 3: Repair

Channeled: Drains Mana to heal a building over time. If used on a Sentry Gun at full health fills an upgrade meter. Once the upgrade meter is full the Sentry Gun is upgraded, greatly increasing its stats. Sentry Guns can only be upgraded once.

Ultimate: Dispenser

Places a Dispenser at target area, which heals nearby allies over time and restores their mana. Dispensers count as buildings. Only one Dispenser can exist at a time. Goes on cooldown once the Dispenser is destroyed.


10: Decreased Shotgun cooldown. | Mana regeneration.

15: Sentry Guns and Dispensers gain Armor. | Movement speed.

20: Increased Dispenser healing. | Sentry Gun has increased attack range.

25: Increased Repair healing. | Upgraded Sentry guns periodically fire rockets that deal damage in an area around the target.



Ability 1: Crusader's Crossbow

Medic fires a crossbow bolt with incredible range, stopping at the first unit struck. Allies are healed while enemies are damaged. Both the heal and damage values are increased based on how long the bolt travelled.

Ability 2: Medi Gun

Medic links with an allied Hero. While the link holds Medic heals the Hero over time. If the target has more movement speed than Medic he gains the same speed as them.

Ability 3: Kritzkrieg

Medic and his linked ally deal bonus critical damage for a set number of attacks.

Ultimate: ÜberCharge

Medic and his linked ally both become immune to all damage for a short duration.

Aghanim's Scepter Effect: Medic and his ally are Spell Immune during ÜberCharge. Increases ÜberCharge duration.


10: Bonus to all stats. | Increased Crusader's Crossbow healing/damage.

15: Kritzkrieg-enhanced attacks have increased attack speed. | Health regeneration.

20: Increased Medi Gun healing. | Crusader's Crossbow summons doves to attack enemies struck, dealing bonus damage over time.

25: Grants evasion. | Reduced ÜberCharge cooldown.



Ability 1: Submachine Gun

Channeled: Sniper deals many instances of physical damage to random units in a target area over several seconds.

Ability 2: Jarate

Sniper throws a jar of an unidentifiable liquid, dousing enemies for a short duration. Afflicted enemies are slowed and have reduced Armor.

Ability 3: Huntsman

Sniper fires an arrow in target direction, damaging the first enemy hit. Deals bonus damage to creeps.

Ultimate: Charged Shot

Passive: When not attacking, Sniper gains increased attack damage, range and likelihood for chance-based attack modifiers to trigger. Attacking resets these bonuses. Reaching max charge grants bonus magical damage based on the target's maximum health. Charge speed increases with Sniper's attack speed.

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Aghanim's Scepter Effect: Charged Shots cause an explosion that deal a percentage of their damage in an area around the target. The percentage increases with charge percentage.


10: Increased Huntsman damage. | Attack speed.

15: Jarate gives True Sight of afflicted enemies. | Charged Shots with at least 50% charge afflict enemies with Jarate.

20: Sniper takes reduced damage from the back. | Decreased Huntsman cooldown.

25: Huntsman fires three arrows. | Fully charged Charged Shot hits all enemies in a line.



Ability 1: Dead Ringer

Spy creates an illusion of himself to perform a single action. This illusion takes 100% normal damage and deals none. While the illusion is alive Spy gains Armor and movement speed.

Ability 2: Invisibility Watch

Spy turns invisible until he attacks or uses an Ability besides Dead Ringer. His next attack while invisible or for 2 seconds after becoming visible deals bonus damage. This damage increases greatly if he attacks the target's back.

Aghanim's Scepter Effect: Grants the Surprise! ability.


Spy teleports behind an enemy and delivers a deadly backstab, dealing bonus Pure damage and slowing their turning for a few seconds.

Ability 3: Sapper

Places a Sapper on either a building or an enemy hero. If placed on a building disables it for a duration while dealing damage to it. If placed on an enemy hero it disarms, silences and mutes them for a short duration. The Sapper can be attacked and destroyed by other enemies.

Ultimate: Right Behind You

All enemies temporarily lose allied vision. During this Spy cannot be revealed by True Sight while he is invisible.


10: While invisible Spy gains increased movement speed. | Sapper deals increased damage.

15: Sapper lasts longer. | Attack speed.

20: Right Behind You reduces vision radius. | All attacks from behind deal bonus damage.

25: Spy gains bonus damage during Right Behind You. | Sapper pierces Spell Immunity.


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