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Two imo underrated heroes of the patch -> Pugna and Nyx

Content of the article: "Two imo underrated heroes of the patch -> Pugna and Nyx"

I've had great success this patch with Pugna (3 or 4 although mostly 3) and Nyx (4). I'm 28-8 with them two combined.

Pugna is just super annoying vs a lot of meta heroes, and is very versatile in gameplay, can play as a clutch save hero/ward abuser, can play as a burst, can play as a tanky pos 3, can play as a heal bot, etc.

His ability to not only screw with int heroes with his Nether Ward but also cripple right click carries with decrep is unmatched.

Biggest suggestions i can give compared to Pugnas i see in my pubs are :

  1. Learn to buy blink, its amazing in some games

  2. Some games it's better to lvl Ward in lane and ignore decrep, especially as 4. Or occasionally even go Decrep and Ward and skill Blast later.

Only heroes i would avoid picking Pugna into are AM and Sven (Sven is absolute cancer with Aghs and dispel talent). Also Nyx, but you almost never see one in pubs. Ember would be another one but he got nerfed a lot.

With Nyx i found a pretty cancerous build, Orb of Venom -> Tranquils -> Eul's.

OOV helps you with the pretty lackluster laning you have, and helps for the entirety of early midgame at landing stun (enemy is slower so harder to juke).

Tranquils allow you stay on the map with clarities on the courier and make you very fast with ult on.

With Eul's you counter your biggest early/mid game counters, Orchid and other forms of control, and being caught with spells on cd (a self Eul's can buy time for those to come off cd or a Eul's on the enemy is a good escape). Eul's also allows you to setup stun.

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Also since people on this sub cry a lot about Spectre, i'm 7-0 with these two vs it. Nyx is great due to Break + lockdown and ability to find and gank her in the jungle, and Pugna is cancerous at decreping and healing allies during Haunt and also fucks Spectre in lane badly. Only counterplay is Manta/Abyssal so she can haunt and take you out, but depending on how your team can help a self Eul's buys time, or getting Aeon.

EDIT : Games for those interested. This is Ancient 5/Divine 1 games mostly. I haven't played much Nyx because i mostly get offlane when i queue and i only recently figured out he's a great pick this patch.

Also, you can take Pugna mid no problem, but i don't play mid so…


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