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Congratulations to CanniTheAmazon, who won the Out of this World contest with Antaeus the Earthborne! With CanniTheAmazon's help, here comes the new contest theme (and check out the new requirement for describing your autoattacks in the boilerplate section):


The world of dota is littered with dragons, from Sea Dragons to Lunar Dragons to everything in between and then some Undead Dragons, too. Dragons' footprint in the world of dota runs deep: There are many species of what the taxonomists of the Ultimyran Archives calls "drakine", and there are an uncountable number of people whose lives are effected by the great beasts' passage through the world. Some of these people and creatures are so ferociously talented, their skills even inspire themselves! Who are these heroes?

  • FLAVOR POINT: YOU'RE NO SLYRAK Your hero won't be a dragon, but must be related to them in some way. There are many species related to dragons your hero might be, like wyverns, dragon toads, or netherdrakes (maybe?), or even more that we haven't heard of yet. Perhaps your hero is of a strange species that parasitizes draconis draco, or has some bizarre symbiosis with them. But you don't have to make a character literally related – all these dragons means there must be dragon hunters aplenty, just waiting to sell their services to a battle-hungry ancient! Your hero's relationship to dragons might be an antagonistic history. Dragons are certainly wealthy enough to have servants, as well. Is your hero the only merchant brave enough to trade for some of that wealth? Or are they a priest of a dragon cult? And there are so many items that come from dragons, too. Brewmaster drinks the Elixir of Dragon's Breath, but who ferments the dragon's blood for the 1000 years it takes to make that potent draft? Who carved Pudge's Dragonclaw Hooks? Who forged all the armor made from dragon pieces, and who collects those parts to be forged in the first place? Maybe your hero knows the secret of the ancient, extinct Drakinds. So your hero must have some relationship with dragons, though that might be as simple as carrying an item of dragon-make or may be as deep as their history, heritage, and motivation.

  • MECHANICAL POINT: SKILLS MATTER At least one of your hero's abilities must have an effect whenever you activate another ability. For example, Storm Spirit's Overload activates whenever he uses an ability, powering up his next autoattack. Bristleback's Warpath and Lina's Fiery Soul gains stacks whenever you use an ability. Your hero's qualifying ability can be more specific: maybe it only triggers whenever you use a certain ability, or only enemy-targeting abilities, or maybe it only triggers whenever you use item abilities. Magic Sticks are close, because they gain a charge whenever an enemy uses an ability, but for this contest it would need to also gain a charge whenever your hero activated an ability. Maybe your hero has an ability that "flips" whenever you use another skill, and becomes a different ability for a short time before flipping back. As long as you have an ability that reacts in some way whenever you press a different button, you should be good.

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Some boiler plate clarifications:

  • The flavor criteria must be clearly reflected in your hero. It doesn't have to be the main focus of your dude, it is usually a prompt or creative springboard to inspire you. You should have a Lore section that is somewhere between 50 and 500 words to give us a taste of your hero's personality, background, motivations, etc. You must also tie your hero's theme into their mechanics. For example, Broodmother is a spider, so she has spider venom and Spins Webs as well as being a literal broodmother, so she can Spawn Spiderlings; and Mirana, the Priestess of the Moon, has a Sacred Arrow that slays creeps who dare touch it, she summons stars from the night sky, and she rides a sacred white tiger familiar that lets her Leap.

  • The mechanical criteria is some essential part of dota that your hero's mechanics must use. For example, your hero might be required to have an ability that can affect towers, or have two passive abilities, or have at least one ability that can soft dispel an ally. Your entry should list all your hero's abilities as well as their vital stats, which are at minimum: their starting Strength, Agility and Intelligence and growth rates (noting which one is their primary), their move speed, and their melee or ranged attack range. NEW: Give a short description of your character's autoattack animation and the weapon they wield. Autoattacking is what heroes spend most of their time doing anyway, so use this to show off a little of what your character looks like and how they do what they do (and justify why they have 300 melee attack range). Doesn't have to be long; just a sentence is fine.

  • And the third requirement is that you must leave a constructive criticism on another contest entry. You don't have to leave a huge page of comments, just a simple "I like this hero's E, it's very flavorful!" or "Your numbers seem a little high here, you might want to give your hero a little more focus to bring out the concept more." Of course, you can say more if you'd like. We are all posting these because we want to share them, so no criticism is wrong as long as it's clear and constructive.

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Entries will be judged on thematic consistency, creativity, and mechanical continuity. "Mechanical continuity" means it should fit within the balance ideas of dota – no 12 second stuns, you probably shouldn't have 7 abilities, heroes need both strengths and weaknesses, that kind of thing. Don't be afraid to push the boundaries with your ideas, though! Nothing like Void Remnants or Rolling Thunder existed in dota before Void Spirit and Pango were introduced. I won't be judging on whether or not your entry is 100% perfectly balanced — that kind of thing has to come from play data — but it is important that your character's abilities are balance-able. That's a fine point, so feel free to ask questions, or just post a hero and ask the community if your dude is too busted or not busted enough.

This contest will run until May 5th, and you can adjust your hero however you'd like until then. In fact, I urge you to listen to what others have to say about your character and tinker away until the deadline! The winner will get to pick one of the points for the next contest, if they'd like. Please post a link to your entry in this thread. Post questions here too.

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Good luck, have fun!


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