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Unison Jack, The Backstreet Brawler 0 CD Spell Contract

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Unison Jack, The Backstreet Brawler
Brawling has been a unofficial sport and a job for some but no one took it to the next level like Unison or Jack as he is more known in the underground brawling clubs. Once an aristocrat son of a noble, his rambunctious attitude and penchant for impregnating countless woman had led him astray and ill fit to be an heir of their business. With his mother disheartened and his father losing confidence on him he went off together with their dog Winston, the only one who he will ever considered a friend. Now a brawler and occasional mercenary he goes to fight for money and using his experience in every mission he was paid for he become rugged and wise. However his job will get him to plight. He is mostly a brawler not some magic dealing man and so upon the acceptance of a contract he went toe to toe with a magus of considerable power, the fight was fierce, Jack could not land a hit, but using his wits he leveled the playing field, blinding the magus using the dust in the room and some careful throwing of books, glass and more he was able to distract him for his dog to bite the hand of the magus. The magus enduring the rabid bite toss the dog aside and with a quick flash of lightning he zeroes in to Jack but Jack is already jumping towards him and with an explosion the room erupted. The magus was dead, the punch was so severe it twisted it's neck but for Jack he feels electrified, empowered, he then went back to gain his fee only for it to be unfairly low and with a quick movement of his fist the room erupted again and a lightning struck his contractor, he fled and with surprised and glee left without taking the money. The power he got is more than enough payment but he knows regular brawlers will no longer suffice his new power but he knows where to find such opponents.

Unison Jack, The Backstreet Brawler is an agility melee hero capable of dishing mixed damage using his abilities and auto-attacks. Thanks to his Brawler's Peak he gains bonuses every time he is in combat. His most unusual ability however is his no cooldown ultimate: Dramatic Finish, however his ultimate can only be used once Brawler's Peak is on a high level and therefore cannot be spammed so easily.

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Role: Carry, Fighter, Roamer, Disabler
Agility 31+ 2.5
Intelligence : 20 + 2.1
Strength: 19 + 1.5
Movement Speed: 315
Armor :
Damage at Level 1: 56-61
Attack Range: 150
Attack Time: 1.5

Innate: Brawler's Peak

Unison gets pumped up in the heat of a battle

With every punch he throws at his enemies Unison gets pumped, each 190 damage Unison does to enemy heroes he gains 1 combo mark from Iron to Platinum, each level gives Unison Bonus damage as well as movement speed at Platinum mark he gains reduced cooldown bonus on his abilities. Each mark will expire if Unison is out of combat or has not dealt the required damage for the next 3 seconds downgrading it until he attacks again..

Breakable? Partially
Mark Levels Iron>Crystal>Bronze>Silver>Gold>Platinum
Bonus Damage Per Level 5 + 0.6 per hero level
Movement Speed Per Level 2% + 0.3% per hero level
Cooldown Reduction on Platinum 20%


  • Every mark is only single trigger, this means dealing 380 would not advance you to Crystal and the player must trigger another damage equal or accumulating 190 damage to get to the next mark.
  • Aesthetically has a counter beside his HP bar to indicate his current level

Q: Electric Suplex, Unit Target

CD: 15/14/13/12 Mana: 110/130/150/170

There's always one place you'll go when you fight Unison and that is Suplex City

Grabs an opponent and performs a suplex on them, dealing damage in an area around him and to the target as well as stunning the opponent, the opponent is also reposition opposite Unison direction upon cast.

Damage Type Magical
Damage 130/160/190/210
AOE 400
Stun Duration 1.3/1.7/2/2.3
Cast Range 200


  • Pierces Spell Immunity but doesn't not damage enemies

W: Electric Knock Out, Auto-Cast | Unit Target

CD: 10/9/8/7 Mana:70/80/90/100

Some fights can have a rather electrifying end

Performs a swift left hook to his enemies giving him bonus magic damage on that attack and reduces the armor of the enemy. The attack can proc on hit effects and has true strike

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Damage Type Magical
Base Damage as Damage 100%
Bonus Damage 60/80/100/120
Armor Reduction 8/8.3/9/9.4
Reduction Duration 7


  • Spell immune targets does not suffer the bonus magic damage
  • The magic damage is affected by spell amplification
  • The magic damage does not count to damage counting mechanics like critical hit
  • The magic damage can be spell lifestealed out of

E: Little Winston, No Target

CD: 30/27/24/18 Mana: 100

Whose a good boy? Yes you are little Winston

Little Winston can join the fray when activated he will bark if an enemy is nearby and will attack leaping on to them and dealing damage per second. Winston's attack lasts 5 seconds while Winston's search can for 10 or until he gets to attack.

Damage Type Physical
Damage Per Second 15/25/35/45
Search Radius 500


  • Winston can only attack visible players (and invisible if they are visible or the talent is chosen)
  • Can detect enemies in the fog of war
  • Winston acts like a cosmetic pet and is therefore untargettable and invulnerable and does not have a collision size nor does it block creep camps

R:Dramatic Finish, Unit Target

CD: 0 Mana: 140/180/220

Unison always have the taste for theatrics and prefers to end his fights in this fashion.

Finishes his opponent with a flurry of electric combos. Unison smacks his enemy up and peppers them with punches and kicks dealing 100% of his damage and bonus magic damage. The number of attacks can be buffed by Brawler's Peak mark level. The spell last for a base total of 4 seconds during this the opponent is stunned.

Can only be used if Unison has at least a Silver Mark on Brawler's Peak and using this ability causes it to revert back to Iron.

Damage Type Physical/Magical
Base Damage as Damage 100%
Number of Attacks 5
Magic Damage Bonus 60/100/140
Number of Bonus Attack Per Brawler's Peak Level 1
Cast Range 500


  • The ultimate is a trapping ultimate, this means both Unison and his target are invulnerable to anything else but each other
  • Aesthetically the ultimate will have varying color on its icon depending on the level of Brawler's Peak.
  • The ability counts the levels past Silver and does not count Silver mark itself
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Level Left Right
25: Dramatic Finish 0 Mana Electric Knockout 300 AOE
20: +2 Charges Electric Knockout +150 damage Electric Suplex
15: +10% Spell Amplification Little Winston Gets True Sight
10: + 6 Strength + 30 Damage

Author's Notes:

Just an entry for the 0CD ability contract. I always wanted to have a brawler type character and the lack of heroes who uses fist in Dota is kind of a good spot for ideas. Some ideas are lifted from the new League champ Samira (particularly the passive and the ult mechanics). This was an idea that was in the shelves for a long time (revived with the said mechanics added) now and was partly inspired by this piece of art by Anastasia Bulgakova: and you can say that can be what he may look like in game and this is also the source of his name which is the title of the Britain's Flag: The Union Jack.


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